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General Carpet Care, Tips and Tricks

With all the ways you have heard of to clean and protect your carpet, which one really works? And what kind of stain does it work best on? The general state of your carpet requires constant care.

Generally there are a few things that you should keep in mind to maintain your carpet. Although each situation is different and maintenance needs will vary depending upon many factors, these are a few general maintenance ideas that should work well for you.

Vacuum – You’ll want to vacuum every portion of your carpet at least once a week. You may want to consider more frequent vacuuming in high traffic areas. Make sure that you are using the proper technique when operating the vacuum as well. The experts recommend you use a simple forward and backward motion in an overlapping pattern. This will help to keep those loose dirt particles from grinding into your carpet, which will prevent staining and stiffening.

Wash – Normally you will not need to wash the carpet at a specified interval, however it is not unheard of to find your carpet needing a good, deep cleaning every year or two. The easiest way to get this done is to hire a professional. However, don’t just go out and hire some no-name company without checking into their practices. Ask them some questions to make sure you are hiring a company you can trust. And beware of advertised room rates. Normally a cleaning company’s fee will be based on the size of the room cleaned.

Replace – A well maintained carpet should not have a regular replacement interval either. Replacing your carpet will depend on the durability of the carpet you have selected, as well as the use it sees on a normal basis and how well you have maintained it. Most carpets will keep looking and feeling good to you for 10 years or longer. When your carpet finally does get worn out, be sure to replace it with a highly durable model. This is another factor that will determine just how long it will be before you need to replace your carpet again.

Tips and Tricks

Spots: When you are going to apply a spot remover, be sure to test it on an inconspicuous area before you use it on a more noticeable spot. You never know just what chemical is going to react with something in the carpet or something that was spilled on it. For best results seek professional advice.

Smelly Carpet – This generally can happen if someone spills something and does not clean it up properly; a scenario generally played out by children. It is always best to purchase a carpet freshener in these situations. If you find the smell is not going then you may need to book a professional carpet cleaner.

Door mats: Placing door mats at every entrance is a good idea. These will reduce your need to wash, vacuum, and replace your carpet. Placing mats at the entrances will help by absorbing or kicking off some of the dirt or liquid that would otherwise make it into the carpet.

Shoes: most guests do not like having to take their shoes off, but you can preserve your carpet for longer if you ask them to. Don’t forget to provide something for them to sit on while they take their shoes off. Having house slippers for your family will also help to keep your carpets clean.

Carpet cleaning is not the most fun job in the house, but you can’t afford to ignore it. The premature wear out will wind up costing you far more than regular maintenance would. Trust us, it is worth your while.

Steam Cleaning

The cleaning method considered to be most desirable to carpet manufacturers, is known as “steam carpet cleaning.” Using this method, a water and detergent solution under pressure is forced through the carpet fibers, taking dirt and oils with them. After this step is complete, the dirty solution is pumped into a holding tank and disposed of.

One of the main benefit of steam cleaning is its ability to eliminate environmental allergens like mold, fungus, pollen, and dust mites. People that are troubled by year-round allergies may find steam cleaning makes there home environment more comfortable. Dirt, oils, and allergens are extracted out of the carpet fibers under high pressure and are entirely removed.

You can choose to purchase, rent or hire a steam carpet cleaner. Buying one of these systems is an excellent purchase if frequent carpet cleaning is on the agenda. Alternatively, it is possible to rent these machines although the professional systems are much more powerful and leave behind a drier carpet as the water is extracted at a higher pressure. A professional steam cleaner will also have in-depth knowledge as to the correct cleaning solution to use on various fibers; natural fibers like wool need different handling than do synthetics. An added benefit is that most professional steam cleaning companies will move and replace furniture for their client.