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Curtain Cleaning

Do you like to keep your home looking and smelling neat and clean? Life just seems more pleasant if your home is comfortable and attractive. Many people dust, scrub and vacuum their homes on a regular basis. However, with today’s busy lifestyles, there might be quite a bit of time between the more extensive cleanings. When you feel it is time to get some good quality housekeeping done, don’t forget curtain cleaning. You wouldn’t believe the amount of dust that collects on curtains, especially if you enjoy opening your windows to let in that nice fresh air. Even if you never open the windows you will have dusty curtains, and if anyone ever smokes in your home the odor and smoke will collect on your curtains too. Dirt and dust shorten the life of fabrics, so if you want your curtains to last for a long time it is important to clean them often.

Cleaning curtains can be quite a job and take a lot of time if you tackle the chore yourself. You need to take the curtains off of the rods, shake the dust out of them, clean, dry and press them. After you do that you still have to put them back on the rods and hang them at the windows again. By the time you finish, you will have spent hours at that unpleasant task.

You might think that bringing your curtains to a dry cleaner would be easier, but you still have to take them down, deliver them to the cleaner, bring them home without wrinkling them, and hang them back up again.

There is a simple solution to the dilemma. Consider on site curtain cleaning by a professional steam cleaning company. When you have experts do the cleaning you will be amazed at how quickly they get the job done, and how clean they get your curtains.

If any people in your family are troubled with allergies they should find relief from some of their suffering, because your curtains will not be harboring those allergens that were clinging to them. With professional steam cleaning your home will be healthier, since the curtains will not be holding bacteria that might contaminate the air in your home.

After trying professional on site curtain cleaning you will feel the satisfaction of knowing your curtains are as clean and fresh as possible, and you’ll never want to go back to the inefficient, time consuming method of doing it yourself.

Steam Cleaning Carpets Extends Life & Benefits Appearance

Carpeting, whether it is modest wall to wall or an exquisite Oriental design, represents a substantial part of a home decorating budget. Caring for and maintaining the longevity and appearance of carpets makes good fiscal sense. And steam cleaning carpets has become one of the most thorough ways to clean and revitalize carpets.

No matter how many times you run a vacuum cleaner over carpeting, there are dried and ground-in dirt molecules and stains that will never be eliminated simply by dry vacuuming action.

There are numerous benefits to choosing steam cleaning, also called steam extraction cleaning. Steam cleaning is a deep cleansing process that uses a mixture of water and cleaning solvent to eliminate a wide variety of dirt and debris that has become lodged within the carpeting’s fibers. Everything from dust mites and fungus to mud and pet hairs are dislodged through carpet steam cleaning which directs a stream of high-pressured steam through each carpet fiber. The steam cleaning process is so effective it can even eliminate grease stains and food, wine and cocktail stains from long-forgotten parties that turn a once vibrant carpet into a matted, dull looking rug. Carpeting after steam cleaning not only looks fresher, it also smells like new!

Because carpet steam cleaning is able to use the cleansing action of steam and cleaning agents at high temperatures and under high pressure, there is no dirt so deeply embedded in the carpeting that it will remain following a professional steam cleaning.

Carpet steam cleaning is the solution to revitalize carpeting whose color, design and pile has become dulled by dirt and stains over time. Ask a steam extraction cleaning professional just how amazing the difference in look and feel will be when your carpets are treated to steam cleaning.