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Carpet Cleaning Machines

There is nothing to compare to the pleasure of beautiful carpet throughout a home. It gives the atmosphere a cozy feel and seems more luxurious than wooden floors or tile. During the winter, it is much easier to get out of bed and face a chilly day knowing your feet will touch carpet rather than cold wood. The best way to maintain a carpet’s look and extend its lifespan is through periodic cleaning.
Carpet cleaning has moved far beyond the days when great grandmother hung her rugs outside and tackled them with a broom, beating the out dirt and debris. It is easy to rent a machine or better yet leave cleaning in the hands of experts. A clean carpet looks great, reduces allergens and dust that can trigger health issues, and makes a home inviting. The most common methods of carpet cleaning are steam cleaning or using extraction machines.
The three big nasties in a dirty carpet, other than dirt, are mold, fungus, and bacteria. Using a steam cleaner can eliminate these concerns and leave the carpet looking and smelling better. Steam cleaning means the machine heats the water to the point of turning into a vapor and pushes it into the carpet. This loosens the offending debris and allows it to be vacuumed up and out of the fibers. The machines available to rent will heat water up to 360 degrees Fahrenheit. Some units use shampoo or cleaner in addition to steam.
The terms steam cleaning machines and extraction machines refer to the same cleaning method but there are some differences. A professional carpet cleaning company may use an extraction machine mounted on a truck and will have a great deal more power behind the vacuum. In addition, the water may be heated up to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. More power means that more of the mold, fungus, and bacteria is going to be drawn from the carpet than is possible using a home or rental machine.
What is the most expensive item in a home? It is not the electronics or the latest kitchen appliance. It’s the carpet. Great carpeting is a costly initial investment to a home, however, kept clean and in good shape is it the backdrop that adds comfort and value for many years. It just makes sense to keep it clean.

Why Sofa Steam Cleaning Can Save You Money

A sofa, sometimes referred to as a couch or loveseat, is often the main piece of furniture in a certain room. Typically that room is the living room or family room. Sometimes there is a sofa of some sort in each of those rooms. Often the sofa is the most used item of furniture in the room in which it is located. Keeping your sofa clean is of utmost importance in preserving its looks and ultimately the length of time it can be used as an attractive and functional piece of furniture. The best way to do this is to use a professional steam cleaning service.

By steam cleaning your sofa on a regular basis, you can keep it clean, sanitary and new looking. The longer your sofa looks good, stays clean and seems fresh, the longer you will be able to keep it. This puts off a costly furniture purchase at a time when budgets are tight. If you have children or pets, sofa cleaning is a must. Various types of fabric sofas stain as well as get dirty. Even if the sofa in question has been pre-treated with a stain resistant substance, certain liquids are going to penetrate through to the fabric. Also, pet hair can been cleaned from a sofa on a regular basis along with cleaning a room, though not as effectively as steam cleaning. However, odors left behind by pets can only be gotten rid of by a professional steam cleaning company.

Other than for your own everyday purposes, there are other times that steam cleaning your fabric sofa and other upholstered furniture can really pay off. If you are putting your home on the market for sale, you want everything in your home, including your sofa or couches to look and smell fresh and appealing. Estate agents often use the term “staging” when talking about preparing a home to look as attractive as possible prior to listing it for sale. Professional steam cleaning of all of your upholstered furniture can give you that look and get rid of any odors that you may not even be aware are there.

Maintaining your fabric sofa and other upholstered furniture is a good investment. It adds to the esthetics of your home. If you do decide to change your decor, you’ll get more when you sell your sofa or other fabric covered furniture that has been steam cleaned.

Your Guide to Commercial Carpet Cleaning

When customers walk into your place of business, you want them to notice your sharp, professional edge, attention to detail, and warm, honest environment. If the carpets in your business are stained and dirty, the carpet might just be the first thing your customer’s notice. It might even discourage them from using your service or product. Using a traditional cleaning service is not enough. Most janitorial services only vacuum your carpet nightly. As time passes, your carpet becomes filled with stains and deep-set dirt that vacuuming cannot remove. You need commercial cleaning to make your carpets look like new. Commercial carpet cleaners use special equipment to remove even deep-set in stains. When your customers enter your place of business they will notice your products, services, and smile and not carpet stains.

A stained carpet can make your business look unprofessional. Of course, you need to find an industrial carpet cleaning service that works on your schedule. Stream-cleaning, although it is very effective when done properly, can be quite disruptive. The equipment can be some what loud for a work environment. You may need to avoid walking on the damp carpet for a period of time. Instead of disrupting your normal work hours, find a commercial steam cleaning company that will clean your office after hours. That way, you will get the benefits of clean, professional-looking carpet with little disruption to your daily routine.

Commercial carpet is different than residential carpet. Residential carpet is meant to handle the light traffic of a typical family. Commercial carpet is made to withstand the heavy foot traffic of the business world. Carpets are different, therefore they should be cleaned in different ways. Industrial carpet cleaning firms understand that your commercial carpet has special needs. Commercial carpet needs to be steamed clean. Commercial carpets are designed to handle steaming. Trying to steam your carpet yourself can be expensive and time-consuming. You not only have to rent the equipment but you have to learn how to use it as well. An office cleaning agency can save you time and hassle.

Busy offices have small accidents. Co-workers bump into each other and spill coffee. Customers track mud in from the street. Regular carpet cleaning can keep your carpets from ever looking too scruffy. Many cleaning firms let you schedule regular carpet service. Most businesses find that just four yearly treatments are enough to keep the carpet clean.