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Professional Curtain Cleaning

As well as having regular carpet cleaning in your home your curtains should be cleaned periodically to rid them of built-up dirt, grime, stains, and odours that accumulate from heating, cooking, smoking, and everyday living. The best way to clean and sanitise curtains is with a professional curtain cleaning service.

On-site Curtain Cleaning
Breeze onsite curtain cleaning is efficient, involves no mess or work from the homeowner, and results in a healthier indoor environment. The homeowner need not remove curtains as the cleaning occurs while curtains remain hanging.

Curtain Steam Cleaning
Curtain steam cleaning is a truly efficient way of removing dust, grime, odours, and stains from curtains.  Our powerful steam cleaning machines first loosen the dust, grime, stains, and odours in the curtains.  They are then removed with a powerful vacuum that leaves the curtains almost dry. Steam cleaning is especially recommended if a family member suffers from allergies or asthma as it removes allergens, dust, and even bacteria from deep within the folds of curtains.

Professional curtain cleaning on a regular basis can preserve the beauty of your curtains and give your rooms sparkle.   Click here for more information on our Curtain Cleaning London services.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

No office is too large or too small for our commercial carpet cleaning services. Our well-trained, friendly technicians will get your carpets looking as good as new again and with a regular maintenance service keep them clean and spotless. Before considering replacing your existing carpets let us provide your company with an estimate, this is  much more economical and in most cases the results will exceed your expectations.

Our professional equipment is designed to work on even the heaviest traffic spots in your office. Entry-ways are the first impression your clients and visitors receive of your business and with our cleaning service you can be assured you are projecting the best possible impression to anyone entering your office.

We provide carpet cleaning services for some of the more prominent companies in the London area.

Our steam cleaning consists of a thorough vacuuming of the carpet; spot treating any heavily soiled areas or high traffic spots, cleaning the carpet and replacing all furniture we were required to move. With the high temperature of the steam cleaning process most mold and bacteria are removed so the use of harsh chemicals are not required.   This is a plus for our environmentally friendly businesses.

Sofa steam cleaning

A freshly cleaned home presents a healthier environment for your family and hiring a professional steam cleaning company can assure this. A clean looking home makes a statement and a thorough upholstery steam cleaning is a vital part of that.

While we are often accustomed to having our carpets, rugs and drapes freshened by professional steam cleaning, some of the most vital aspects of our homes can be forgotten. When considering a thorough cleaning of your home, don’t forget to include your sofas and other upholstered furniture items as well.

Sofas usually take the brunt of our daily lives. While we certainly love them and want them to be comfortable, family pets like cats and dogs can sometimes cause untidy messes on our favorite furniture pieces. Children can spill things and may sometimes have accidents with art supplies like paints and markers leaving unsightly stains on the furniture. Upholstered sofas can attract and store odors such as smoke or cooking smells which cannot be removed by normal cleaning agents or deodorising sprays. When this happens, a gentle sofa steam cleaning is the answer.

Removing those stains along with the smells left by pets, spills, cooking and smoke odors can be easily done by hiring a professional steam cleaning company. A steam cleaning company which specializes in upholstery steam cleaning, in particular, can remove stains and odors which can cause an unhealthy home.

Upholstery steam cleaning can be done on anything with a fabric covering. Sofas, chairs and fabric covered seat cushions can be safely and affordably cleaned by professional steam cleaning which will freshen, brighten and renew these items.

Steam cleaning is the most gentle on fabrics, releasing dirt and grime collected by daily use and exposure while removing stains and odors. Steam cleaning provides for a more sanitary cleaning since heated steam kills bacteria and germs which can create odors and unsightly mess. While sprays and soap-based cleaning agents may replace the odors or cover the stains for a while, they never truly clean the area. Sprays only work to cover the odors which will return as the sprays dry while soap-based cleaning agents leave behind a sticky residue which can collect more dirt and grime.

To assure a completely clean, sanitary and healthy home free from dirt and odors, your best bet is to hire a professional steam cleaning company for your sofas and upholstered items.

Rug steam cleaning

Healthy floors and carpets are an important part of keeping a home clean. Throw rugs and oriental rugs, in particular, can be serious sources of dirt and contamination in a home. From small, simple throw rugs to large, expensive oriental rugs, rug steam cleaning can keep all of your rugs clean. This rug cleaning not only keeps all of your area rugs healthy as far as germs and dirt, but it also refreshes the carpet fibers, helping assure long lasting wear for the beautiful rugs in your home.

While carpet cleaning is an important part of keeping a house clean, regular cleaning of area rugs is perhaps even more important. Often, we place rugs in high traffic areas, such as near doors and entryways, underneath the dining room table, or in front of the television. Thus, people walk on these carpet frequently, allowing the dirt from their shoes to penetrate, or even the oils and dirt from their bare feet to enter the pile. Food particles too, can accumulate, as well as pet hair and dander. Once intermingled with the rug fibers, these particulates rub against the fibers, wearing them down, causing your rugs to age rapidly. The particles also fester in the carpet, breeding germs and allergens.

Furthermore, area rugs often sit upon hard wood or tile floors. There, they are subject not only to being walked upon and having dirt forced into the fibers, but also to dirt that sneaks underneath the rug, attacking from beneath. Without regular, professional rug steam cleaning, this two sided attack on your rug fibers can make even a relatively new and expensive carpet look old, worn, and used in very little time.

Professional rug cleaning uses specialised detergents to remove accumulated dirt and particles. The strong professional equipment scrubs the carpet fibers, then sucks the debris out, leaving clean, fresh fibers that look, smell, and feel newer. With rug steam cleaning, heated water vapor penetrates the delicate fibers of your oriental and throw rugs, killing bacteria, germs, and dust mites. The heavy, commercial grade vacuum then sucks these dead germs away, making your carpet a clean, healthy environment for your family to continue to work and play upon.

Carpet steam cleaning

Everyone wants to keep their home looking its best, while keeping their families happy and healthy. In that effort, we cook healthy meals, vacuum our floors, and dust regularly. We may even purchase organic foods and pet safe household cleaners, or run air filters. But one area that people sometimes neglect is carpet steam cleaning. Professional carpet cleaning should be done regularly to maintain healthy, attractive floors, and to help keep the air in your home cleaner.

Our carpets are the front line of defense in the war between clean and dirty. The soft pile of our carpets is used every day: we walk on it in our shoes and bare feet, we lay down on it to watch television, put our babies on it to crawl, watch our pets sleep on it, even eat food that has dropped onto it, provided it falls under the five second rule. With all that we rely on our carpets for, we sometimes forget to care for them, leaving them susceptible to excessive wear and degradation from accumulated dirt, dust mites, pollen, and other contaminants.

Without proper cleaning, your carpet becomes a virtual warehouse for dirt and germs. This dirt, germs, and allergens get riled up as the carpet is walked on and generally lived upon, forcing these unseen particles into your air, compromising the quality of the air your family is breathing. This can be an even bigger problem for pets, as they are breathing air so much closer to the ground.

Regular carpet steam cleaning removes the dust, dirt, and general undesirables from your carpeting. This cleaning keeps your carpet looking clean, new, and fresh, removing visible stains and carpet wear. Carpet steam cleaning rejuvenates the pile in your carpet, removing damaging dirt particles and refluffing the carpet so it looks like new.

Keeping your carpet clean helps the air quality in your home, making sure that your family is breathing good, clean air. The heat in carpet steam cleaning kills germs and dust mites, including those that have been brought in on the shoes of people and the feet of pets, or those sneezed and coughed out by visitors to your home.

Carpet steam cleaning keeps your carpet looking and feeling its best. Regular cleaning lengthens the life of your carpet, improves the healthfulness of the pile, and helps keep the air in your home cleaner.

End of tenancy carpet cleaning

Do you own an apartment, flat or home that you rent out on a regular basis? If so, then you need to know about end of tenancy carpet cleaning. When tenants vacate a property it is important to clean the carpets so that the carpet is sanitary and does not look dirty to potential tenants. Carpets get a lot of wear and tear on them over time because people are always walking on the carpet to get from room to room.

The first step is to make sure that everything is off of the carpet; start the process room by room and do not rush the cleaning process. Prepare the carpets first by treating any stains on the carpet with stain remover. Treat the stains and then use a large brush to remove the stains. It may take a few treatments but it is well worth the time.

The second step is to begin the steam cleaning process. Now, you can do this yourself by renting a steam cleaner and cleaning all of the carpets by yourself. It is very important to make sure that you read the instructions that come with the steam cleaner. Some people do not follow the instructions and the carpets get soaked which can lead to mold and mildew.

Do an assessment of the state of the carpeting; if there is too much embedded dirt then you probably want to seek out professional steam cleaning services. They have steam cleaners and other accessories that can get out the dirt and make the carpeting look like new. There is a fee for these services; but most companies charge around a hundred pounds to steam clean all of the rooms in a home or apartment.

As the owner of a property, it is crucial to be able to quickly rent out your property again after the tenants have moved out. Potential tenants will look at the carpeting and if it looks too dirty or worn out then they will not want to rent the property that you own. Appearances are everything when trying to rent an apartment or home to tenants. It is important to make a good impression and have the carpeting look as clean as possible.