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Professional Carpet Cleaning for Businesses

We offer a commercial carpet cleaning service in London with a professional finish but affordable costs. Breeze Carpet Cleaners are aware that you need to keep your costs to a minimum but still deliver an effective cleaning service which will cause as little disturbance to the running of your business.

To ensure that we are able to meet your commercial carpet cleaning needs, we only employ technicians qualified to do the job, and try to carry out our cleaning programme at a time to suit you. We understand that there are many factors that make an excellent commercial carpet cleaner such as the ability to understand your carpet cleaning needs; quality work, flexibility, carpet cleaning experience, minimal downtime, low costs, trained technicians, and much more.

Breeze Carpet Cleaners are specialist in commercial carpet cleaning, and other service such as office carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and rug cleaning. Our objective is to ensure that you are able to provide a safe working environment for your employees and customers without any disruption to the service you provide. Contact us now to see how we could develop a bespoke commercial carpet cleaning maintenance program that is able to meet the requirements of your business.

Why Should I Use a Professional Carpet Cleaner?
Carpets, fabrics and upholstery are significant investments for a business, and can be extremely expensive to replace so it is important that you take good care of your carpets to extend their life for as long as possible. Your internal furnishings must remain clean at all times to ensure that your business image comes across as hygienic, and they should present themselves as a part of your business’ identity. We try to cause as little disturbance as possible by using the latest technology in order to provide fast drying times – this is important so that your business does not have to deal with areas out of commission as it is doubtful your business can afford lost revenue.

If you are looking for professional commercial carpet cleaners in London, contact Breeze Carpet Cleaners. Our services include commercial carpet cleaning, industrial carpet cleaning, office carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, curtain cleaning, rug cleaning, and stain removal services.

Commercial carpets can be expensive investments, so why replace your furnishings when Breeze Carpet Cleaners can offer you a quick but effective clean which will restore your carpets to their original condition. The costs of replacements will be much more expensive than cleaning them, so contact Breeze Carpet Cleaners today to restore your commercial carpets to full health.

Which carpet cleaning method is best?

Top tips for keeping your carpets clean

No matter what you do, you will always need to have your carpet professionally cleaned at some point in their life. Cleaning your carpets on a regular basis is said to prolong the life of your carpet. It is suggested that carpets are cleaned at least once or twice a year whether they look dirty or not. Having your carpets professional cleaned will help remove dust, pollen, pet hair and mold, thus making your home a safer and cleaner environment.

There are many methods of cleaning carpets, but the majority fall into three categories: steam cleaning, cold water extraction and dry extraction. Steam cleaning, also known as hot water extraction, involves hot water and a carpet cleaning solution being distributed over the carpet, and an industrial machine quickly sucking up the water along with the dirt. Cold water extraction is exactly the same process, only using cold water rather than hot water. The last category is dry extraction – this is where a foam or powder is distributed over the carpet, the machine working the dirt into a pile where it can be swept up by the carpet cleaner.

Here at Breeze Carpet Cleaners, steam cleaning is our preferred method of carpet cleaning due to its ability to eliminate environmental allergens. Steam cleaning is able to provide a healthy and completely clean environmental as mold, fungus, pollen and dust is extracted from the carpets under high pressure.

You can of course always purchase, rent or hire a steam clear, and we would strongly advise doing so if you intend to clean carpets frequently. However, carpet cleaning companies like us, use professional systems which are far more powerful, leaving a drier carpet behind. Our professional cleaning agents also have the expert knowledge required to choose the correct cleaning solution for your carpet. Different materials require different techniques and detergents, so it is important that you seek guidance from an expert to ensure that your carpets are maintained to a high standard. Our staff will try to make your carpet cleaning experience as simple and hassle free as possible, we will even move your furniture, and put it back! You could save money by trying to clean your carpet yourself but you could end up causing a lot of damage. Prolong the life of your carpets by hiring a professional carpet cleaner every six to twelve months.

How to choose a professional carpet cleaning company

Hiring out cleaning agents from an incompetent company will probably cause you more hassle than that it is worth, so always check a firm’s credentials before you hire them. There are other hints that will let you know whether you can trust the company:

  • Be wary if the person who answers the phone is unprofessional
  • If your call is not picked up after a couple of attempts, could you be sure you would be able to get hold of them if something goes wrong?
  • Does the company offer a workmanship guarantee – will they re-clean any areas you are unhappy with?
  • Ask for a quotation before they start any work, and make sure you ask if there are any extras for unexpected circumstances
  • Check the costs for carpeted stairs and these are often added extras rather than included into the basic price
  • Ask for a quote based on room size if you have a particularly small room

These are just a few things to consider when you are choosing which company to clean your carpets. It is important that you obtain some basic knowledge before letting anyone into your home. For example, check what sort of procedures you should expect, the average price for certain processes, and what type of products are around.

Breeze Carpet Cleaners are a professional carpet cleaning company based in London, serving the city and surrounding counties. We have a published price list and guarantee that the price you find online or are quoted on the phone will be the final price you will pay. We use the latest technology to ensure that we provide a fast and efficient service to cause little disruption within your home. We are the cheapest professional carpet cleaners in the whole of London, but that does not mean we lack quality. With years of experience in the industry, our cleaning agents are fully qualified to do the job.

Why you should choose environmentally friendly carpet cleaners

Are you concerned about the importance of environmentally friendly carpet cleaners? If not, you should be. Whether you use carpet cleaners for industrial or domestic purposes, it is important that environmentally friendly cleaners are used. At Breeze Carpet Cleaners we use eco friendly cleaning solutions by Prochem to ensure that we leave a healthy and happy environment behind.

One aspect that needs to be considered during carpet cleaning is the use of water. Many cleaner use too much water and can keep your carpet wet for a long time. Wet carpets are ideal habitats for mould and bacteria. Our cleaners at Breeze Carpet Cleaners use a steam cleaning process, and allow us to offer much faster drying times. If you are looking to have your carpets cleaned in a commercial area, the traffic is much higher and therefore it is essential that you have dry carpets in a quicker time.

To make the carpet cleaning process kinder to the environment, it is essential that you use the correct cleaning materials. At Breeze Carpet Cleaners all of our agents are fully briefed on our commitment to environmentally friendly cleaning and use ECO friendly solutions. All of our products are 100% biodegradable, contain no perfumes or preservatives, and are PH neutral. Our dedication to environmentally friendly carpet cleaning means that in a domestic setting, your children and pets will be safe 100% of the time, and for commercial use, you will be able to get your business running as normal much faster.

So the top reasons why you should choose a carpet cleaning company, committed to using environmentally friendly processes are:

  • Unnecessary wastage of water by using machines with a lower water intake
  • Prevents the growth of mould and bacteria on wet carpets, thus creating less allergens
  • Carpet dries much faster than with conventional methods allowing us to provide an unobtrusive service
  • Eco friendly cleaning solutions have the ability to remove the toughest deposits and stains


For the cheapest carpet cleaning service in London, contact Breeze Carpet Cleaners today.

Rug Cleaning

In order to keep your rugs in tip top condition, it is important that you give them specific care. At Breeze Carper Cleaners we carry out a dedicated rug cleaning service in London and surrounding areas. There are significant difference between looking after a machine made and handmade rug, and when done carelessly can shorten the life of your rug. Here are some tips you can do at home to prevent any damage to your rug.

• Place barrier mats at the entrances to your home to protect your rug getting unnecessarily dirty
• Take your shoes off when in your house
• If your rug is a place that gets a lot of traffic, rotate it to avoid one part being walked on more
• Do not put a rug down on a damp floor
• Use a rug underlay so that colour doesn’t transfer to your floor
• Regularly vacuum and brush your rug
• Only use a suction vacuum for hand tufted, hand knotted, natural fibre, sisal, and loop pile rugs. Fringes should be straightened with a comb
• Machine made rugs can be vacuumed with cleaners that have beater bars, keeping the pile upright and loosening any dirt or grit
• If your rug suffers a spillage, simply blot the area with a clean cloth or paper towel. Scrape up any excess with a blunt tool such as a spatula, and ensure that you do a spot test before using any cleaning products.

If you are not confident in doing anything further to your rug than general cleaning, always contact a professional cleaning service. Breeze Carpet Cleaners use cleaning solutions that are safe for children and pets, biodegradable and non-toxic to restore rugs to their original appearance. As modern rugs are finished in so many different ways, it is important that professionals are able to use appropriate cleaning products. At Breeze Carpet Cleaners we are confident that we will be able to keep your rug looking clean and fresh for many years to come.

Reasons to Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

Do you struggle to clean your carpets by yourself? We always think how hard can it be? It’s only once you start that you realise what a huge task you have set yourself. Carpets are one of the hardest things to clean in your house, and sometimes you can cause more damage than success. This is just a few reasons that it is worthwhile hiring a professional carpet cleaning company.  Breeze Carpet Cleaners have a team of qualified professionals on hand to save you time and effort, and clean your carpets for you. We have the right equipment, knowledge and expertise to ensure that the quality of your carpet is preserved during cleaning.

It is important that your carpet cleaning technician has the knowledge and expertise to deal with your particular carpet. There are many different types on the market, and each one requires a different type of cleaning tratment to stop any fading or destruction, allowing them to adequately clean your carpet.

There are many cleaning products available in the shops but they are rarely strong enough to  adequately clean your carpet, especially when you consider the dust, allergens, bacteria and other inhabitants of heavy pile. Breeze Carpet Cleaners do not use cleaning treatments that are available commercially, we use professional treatments to ensure that your carpet receives a deep and thorough clean. Our cleaning agents are also environmentally friendly. We know how to remove all the nasty bits such as dirt, mould, and allergens, without ruining the quality of your carpet.

It can seem costly to hire a professional carpet cleaner, but if you add up all the products you have bought over the last 12 months in an effort to clean your carpet, it will be more than worth the while. Breeze Carpet Cleaners are one of the most affordable professional carpet cleaning companies in London. We include all our expenses and costs in the price to ensure that the prices we quote on our website and over the telephone is the price you pay. With shorter drying times, environmentally friendly detergents, and over 20 years experience in the industry, who better to contact than Breeze Carpet Cleaners.

Steam Cleaning

How kind are you to your carpet? You might not even think about it until it’s too late. The average lifespan of a carpet is said to be 12 years, but without proper cleaning, it could only last you 6 years. You should ensure that you steam clean your carpet regularly to keep your carpet clean, as weekly vacuuming only removes 75% of the dirt. Harsh shampoos and chemicals can actually damage your carpet more than protect it, so contact Breeze Carpet Cleaners today to get your carpet back to full health.

There are two popular methods to clean a carpet, choose from steam cleaning or dry cleaning. At Breeze Carpet Cleaners we recommend and use steam cleaning as it is the recommended method by professionals in the industry. Steam cleaning involves a water and detergent solution being forced through the fibers of the carpet, removing any dirt and oils. Once this is complete, the dirty solution is then pumped into a tank and then disposed of. Dry cleaning doesn’t involve any rinsing and as such is seen as an incomplete process, and allows dirt to remain in the carpet.

One of the main benefit of steam carpet cleaning is that it removes allergens such as mould, fungus, pollen and dust mites. Many people suffer from allergies and it has been found that carpet steam cleaning can make their environment a healthier and more comfortable environment.

Carpet steam cleaning has advanced dramatically over the past few years, the machines we use at Breeze Carpet Cleaners are very powerful and therefore leave behind a much drier carpet, allowing us to offer you much shorter drying times.

If you’re planning to clean your carpets frequently, buying a steam cleaner is an excellent and sound purchase, however it is possible to rent a machine if it’s a one off. Professional steam cleaning systems are very powerful and will leave behind a much drier carpet than standard machines. It is important that the correct solutions are used, some fibers need different handling to others, and so it is highly recommended to receive expert advice. Contact Breeze Carpet Cleaners today for a quotation.

How to clean five of the toughest stains

Are you looking for the top 5 methods from removing tough stains from your carpets? My guess is that as soon as you spill something onto your lovely cream carpet, you start trying to rub it out. This is probably the worst thing you can do! You should keep an emergency pack in your house, ensure you’ve always got kitchen roll, washing up liquid, vinegar, cornflour, cloths, ammonia, milk, a bowl and water on hand.

Here are five of the toughest stains and suggestions to help, rather than hinder the process!

Coffee: get started as soon as possible, a wet coffee stain is your friend! Mix together a drop of washing up liquid, vinegar and a couple of cups of warm water. Blot and dab the area – no rubbing it in!

Red wine: did you know red wine can stain a stone? Well now you do, imagine what it will do to your carpet! Act immediately, pour salt onto the spill. Then use the same mix as for coffee – washing up liquid, vinegar and warm water.  Before you start dabbing, vaccum up the salt, then blot and dab away.

Ink: Blot the ink with kitchen roll, then mix up a cup of milk with a drop of washing up liquid. This should work, but if not, use a very small amount of surgical spirit with water to remove the ink. Flood the area with water and blot dry with a towel.

Blood: Similarly to red wine, you need to act upon a blood spill as soon as possible. Use freezing cold water and a cloth to blot the area, if this doesn’t work, you’ll have to resort to pure white vinegar on the area.

Urine: cat urine is a nightmare, it stains and smells awful. The best tip for this is cornflour, it absorbs the liquid and the smell out of your carpet. Pour cornflour over the area and leave for an hour, vacuum up the crusty mess, and shake some scented powder over the area.

If you’ve got old stains, or none of the suggestions above work, its time to get in touch with Breeze Carpet Cleaners. We have over 20 years experience in the industry, and our professional carpet cleaning agents have a wealth of experience in cleaning up bad carpet stains. We use the latest technology and equipment to clean carpets allowing us to offer faster drying times, causing less inconvenience to you! So why not pick up the phone and call Breeze Carpet Cleaners today.

High Quality Upholstery Cleaning In London

At Breeze Carpet Cleaning we can extend the life of your favourite pieces of upholstered furniture with our professional cleaning service. We have a wealth of experience in dealing with a wide variety of upholstering materials. Our team of expert upholstery cleaners are available Monday to Saturday 7am – 7pm.

Is your furniture looking a bit tired? Have the kids been jumping around on it? The dog sleeping on it? Sounds about right.  Children, pets, and every day use is harsh on upholstered fabric and it can often lose its natural freshness. Breeze Carpet Cleaners are dedicated to giving all upholstered furniture the breath of fresh air it deserves, and protect it for many years to come.

Our fabric and upholstery cleaning process is quite similar to our carpet cleaning, we use a hand tool to clean across the fabric. This allows us to offer very fast drying times. The chemicals extract the soil particles from the fibres in your upholstery, without the use of detergents to optimise cleaning results.

Breeze Carpet Cleaners specialise in leather sofa cleaning which will help replenish the original colours and oils to your leathers. We use special leather cleaning and conditioning solutions to clean your leather suites and revitalise them to their original beauty. We are committed to providing an affordable but professional service. For the most reasonable rates in London contact us today.

If you have particular needs for your upholstery, we will recommend the appropriate cleaning and maintenance methods. We are dedicated to providing a service where you are happy with the results, 100% of the time.

At Breeze Carpet Cleaners we have a fixed price list, and we promise that the price displayed is the always the price you will pay. Our costings are published online, and the price will be confirmed when you call. Our price includes labour, solutions, and equipment.

Why have regular carpet cleaning?

Major manufacturers recommend that your carpet receive a professional carpet cleaning once or twice a year. This doesn’t just help maintain the validity of your warranty or guarantee, but professional care will keep your carpets looking new for many years.

At Breeze Carpet Cleaners we utilise the latest technology and equipment, combined with expert knowledge and experience from our team of agents to provide you with an excellent carpet cleaning service in London. We only use the best products and procedures to provide you the professional cleaning service you require, in fact all of our carpet cleaning treatment are environmentally friendly, being assessed to meet safety and environmental criteria.

Our carpet cleaners use industry standard cleaning treatments produced by Prochem to give highly effective cleaning results. Prochem’s professional carpet cleaning products are developed in-house, and are constantly assessed to meet strict safety, and environmental criteria.

Getting your carpets cleaned regularly by Breeze Carpet Cleaners will help keep your house free of stains, dirt, and potentially harmful dustmites. These germs and allergens live deep in carpets and upholstery, far away from the reaches of a vacuum cleaner, and can only be removed with a professional clean.

If you’re looking for an efficient professional carpet cleaning service in London, Breeze Carpet Cleaners are on hand to help satisfy your needs. We are dedicated to providing an excellent service to our customers, making sure that the process is as easy and stress free as possible. For your regular carpet cleaning service in London, call Breeze Carpet Cleaners.

We all know that prevention is better than cure, so in an attempt to keep your carpets looking fresh and as good as new, you can vacuum your carpet on a weekly basis, quickly clean up any spills to stop the stain, but most importantly receive regular professional carpet cleaning. This can help protect your carpets, keep them looking fresh, kill off any bacteria, and extend the life of your carpets.

Our carpet cleaning agents at Breeze Carpet Cleaners will always ensure that your carpets are cleaned in a quick and efficient manner. Our fantastic equipment allows us to offer a quick drying service, making your annual carpet clean even less hassle than before. Contact Breeze Carpet Cleaners today for your free quote.