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Blood On Your Carpet? Down Tools And Call In The Professionals

If you have children, you will be well aware of the number of times that they come running into the house from the garden, having fallen over and cut their hands or grazed their knees. All they’re looking for is a shoulder to cry on, and someone to bandage them up with plaster displaying the latest cartoon character. You might not give this a second thought until one of them comes running through your newly cream carpeted hallway, with blood and tears dripping down them. Whilst the injury might be nothing to serious to worry about, the after effects to your carpet could be terminal.

Even if you live in a quiet household or flat without children, accidents can happen just as easily to adults. Even the most careful and cautious person still bleeds when they catch their finger chopping the veg, or nicking a leg whilst shaving – whatever the original cause the consequence is still the same.

Most people panic as soon as blood is spotted onto carpet or upholstery, but rest assured, it can be cleaned if you act in time. Once everyone is safe and sound, wounds bandaged and tears wiped away, act quickly and contact Breeze Carpet Cleaners. As specialists in stain removal, a few spots of blood on carpet, upholstery or other furnishings is no problem as long as it hasn’t been messed with. We are experts at removing any stain from carpets and have a better success record when no one else has touched the stain. Acting quickly and contacting us as soon as possible could save your carpet.

If you have a new carpet, or perhaps even an older but treasured one, we know just how tempting it is to try and remove the spill or stain yourself. The majority of people panic and start scrubbing at it with all sorts of household products in an attempt to clean up the stain. However, trust us, the more you try to remove the stain yourself, the harder you are going to make it for the professionals.

For an effective stain removal service for your carpets or upholstery, contact Breeze Carpet Cleaners – the experts at stain removal in London.

What Are Dust Mites And How Can They Affect Me?

Dust mites live in every household and just because you can’t see them, don’t presume they don’t live in yours. Measuring at approximately 1/100th of an inch long, dust mites are so small that they are invisible to the naked eye. They feed off skin cells from humans and pets; thrive in warm humid areas found in homes, making them a very common guest in your mattress, carpets and other furnishings.

Many people think that dust mites are harmless but the waste they produce contains a digestive enzyme which stays in the faeces from the gut. It is this which is a major cause of allergies and asthma, and it is very likely that if you have an allergy or asthma, you will also have a dust mite allergy. Symptoms of this allergy are similar to others and can include sneezing, itchy and runny nose and nasal congestion. If you already have asthma, the dust mites in your home could worsen your symptoms and mean that you require more medication. It is important to reduce the number of dust mites no matter what, but if someone in your household already suffers from allergies or asthma, it is essential.

Dust mites love warm, humid areas filled with dust. Bed pillows, mattresses, carpets and furniture are great places for them to live. Cleaning each one of these places can make a real difference in the number of dust mites in your home.

Removing dust mites from your home furnishings is very difficult, particularly from carpets. Vacuuming carpets and upholstery on a regular basis can help but this alone will not be enough to effectively remove the dust mite allergens from your carpet completely. Research has found that vacuuming alone cannot prevent allergies, and on carpets which are quite worn just spreads the allergen around rather than removing it.

Experts within the industry do recommend that you have all carpets professionally steam cleaned by a carpet cleaner at least once a year, but preferably every 6 months. Although you can purchase carpet shampoos and other cleaning solutions, nothing is as effective at removing dust mites, other allergens, dirt and oils from your carpet as steam cleaning. Try and keep your home a healthy living environment by choosing a steam cleaning service which is able to reduce exposure to dust mites. Breeze Carpet Cleaners are able to offer a professional, affordable dust mite removal service with an unrivalled standard of excellence.

Customers Always Come First at Breeze Carpet Cleaners

Breeze Carpet Cleaners are not the first choice for carpet cleaning in London by chance, with over 19 years of experience in the industry and a dedication to customer service like no other, we work hard to achieve our excellent reputation. Unlike many other carpet cleaners in London, we like to make professional carpet cleaning as easy and hassle free as possible.

If you live in the London area and require carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning or even curtain cleaning, you should choose Breeze Carpet Cleaners. We provide every customer a first rate carpet cleaning service that we guarantee you will not be able to match. Just one part of our dedication to customer service is providing clients with a specific appointment time, rather than a window time frame. Some carpet cleaners in London will give you a time slot of anywhere up to 10 hours! Breeze don’t want you to wait around for a technician which is why you will always know exactly when to expect us.

By using the latest technology, we are able to clean your carpets more effectively than by using any other method. If you are ever unsatisfied with the end result, don’t hesitate to contact us at Breeze, and we will be happy to return to re-clean the area again completely free of charge.

Not only do we allow customers to book specific appointments, and return to unsatisfied customers for a free re-clean, we are also the most affordable carpet cleaning company in London. Our rates are the most competitive, and we promise to guarantee any quoted or advertised price.

For a carpet cleaning service which values customers, contact one of our friendly staff at Breeze Carpet Cleaners.

Dust Mite Removal

If someone in your household suffers from asthma or allergies, there is a high chance that they will test positive for a dust mite allergy. Dust mites feed on flakes of human skin and thrive in the stable environment of human homes, making them common guests in your mattress and carpets. The gut of the dust mite contains a potent digestive enzyme which persists into their faeces, and this is the main cause of the allergies.

Removing dust mites from your carpet is particularly difficult, and research has proven that vacuum cleaning alone is ineffective in preventing allergies because it is unable to remove the dust mite allergen consistently and completely. It was also found that vacuum cleaning carpets which are particularly worn, simply redistributes the allergen within the carpet rather than removing it.

It is recommended by industry experts that you have all your carpets deep cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner every 6-12 months. Having your carpets steam cleaned on a regular basis will remove all dust mites and allergens from the depths of your carpet pile, and help keep your house a safe and healthy living environment. Breeze Carpet Cleaners offer a steam cleaning service that removes dust mites from your carpets.

Once you have had your carpet thoroughly cleaned, you can reduce exposure to dust mites in your home in future by washing your bedding weekly.

Professional Carpet Cleaning or DIY?

Did you know that experts within the industry recommend having your carpets professionally steam cleaned at least once a year, but preferably every six months?

Vacuuming is necessary to help prolong the life of your carpets, and remove any debris from the surface of your carpet, but it is also important to receive services from professional carpet cleaners too.

These services are carried out by Breeze Carpet Cleaners at the most competitive rates in the London area and surrounding counties.  Most people spend a lot of money hiring equipment such as home steam cleaners to clean their own carpets, but they can be costly, time consuming and difficult to use.

Protecting your carpet is the job of a carpet cleaning service, and by attempting the job alone, you can often leave your carpet in a worse condition than you started with. There are a number of types and styles of carpet that only  a professional carpet cleaner would be able to identify.  If you decide to go down the DIY route, ensure you have done plenty of research.

Breeze Carpet Cleaners in London are the first choice for carpet cleaning companies in London, with affordable rates and a commitment to customer service, this carpet cleaning business has rapidly become the market leader in London.   Although experts in carpet cleaning services, Breeze are also able to offer rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning, curtain cleaning and stain removal services. Contact us today for a specific appointment time and give your carpets the treatment they deserve.

Choose Convenient Carpet Cleaning with Breeze

Carpet cleaning often seems to be a huge task, and even if we vacuum regularly our carpets don’t seem to be cleaned as well as they could be, and they can still seem tired and dirty.  If you spill anything onto your carpet, then you might lose all hope.  Have you ever considered professional carpet cleaning, either on a regular basis or in an emergency?

Breeze Carpet Cleaners are the leading carpet cleaners in London, with over 19 years of experience, our cleaning technicians are extremely professional and use industry recommended cleaning methods.  We use the steam cleaning process to clean your carpets.  This method has been proven to remove hidden dirt, contaminants, and allergens which vacuum cleaners cannot possibly reach.

Steam cleaning helps remove dirt from heavily soiled carpets, which may have old stains deep in the base of the carpet.  The hot water extraction machine removes the water and cleaning solutions from the carpet at very high pressures, taking the dirt and allergens with it.

In today’s society, people are often too busy to consider their carpet and upholstery cleaning, so why not contact our friendly staff at Breeze Carpet Cleaners and get a specific appointment time today? Unlike many other carpet cleaners in London, we appreciate that people lead hectic lives and don’t have the time to wait in the house all day, so we will never offer you a “window” time slot.

Our fully trained cleaning technicians work to the highest standard at a reasonable price. We are experts in carpet cleaning, but we also offer services in stain removal, rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning and curtain cleaning.

Upholstery Cleaning by Breeze

There are two ways to attack your upholstery cleaning, you could choose to take the D-I-Y route or hire a professional cleaner. The latter is typically the more expensive option, but more often than not, it is also the most realistic option. Having seen many attempts to clean upholstery and stains, it is always a good idea to employ a professional upholstery cleaner who can offer you excellent services at affordable prices.

Breeze Carpet Cleaners are experts within the carpet cleaning industry, however they are also able to offer top quality services including upholstery cleaning, rug cleaning and curtain cleaning.  As the leading provider of these cleaning services in London, why not contact us today to see if we are able to meet your needs.

Commercial shampoos and cleaning solutions are readily available for your upholstery cleaning and can do a good job when you know exactly what you are doing.  It is strongly recommended that you create a relationship with your professional upholstery cleaner, and ask advice on what to do in an emergency situation.  You should then ensure that you have a stock of your previously tested cleaning solution in the house in the event of a spill.  Once you have done the best you can, contact your professional upholstery cleaner straight away to arrange an appointment to ensure that the spill won’t cause any long lasting damage.

As Breeze Carpet Cleaners are the number one choice for carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning in London and the surrounding counties, we offer a specific appointment time.  More often than not, other carpet cleaning companies will offer you a ‘window’ time frame, meaning that you have to hang around all day.  We guarantee to give you an appointment, making us ideal for these emergency situations.

In general, upholstery should be treated similarly to carpets although it is at the more difficult end of the cleaning spectrum.  If you would like to ensure that your favourite upholstery is fully protected to lengthen its life span, contact Breeze Carpet Cleaners today – the most affordable choice for carpet and upholstery cleaning in London.

Do You Ever Consider Cleaning Your Rug?

Often, a rug can completely change the look and atmosphere of a room, particularly if it is breaking up hard wooden flooring. They are often a welcome addition to a room, but they can bring along further issues such as cleaning. Rugs get dirty and tatty very easily so it is important that you look after your rug to extend its life.

You will probably consider replacing your rug once it has become dirty or stained, however it can be extremely expensive to continually replace rugs. You need to consider how you clean your rug, obviously you will vacuum it and perhaps apply carpet cleaning solution if you have a stain. Do you ever consider hiring a professional cleaning company to restore your rug?

Many people think that carpet cleaning will do the same job as rug cleaning. You can of course clean the rug yourself by hiring a rug cleaning machine, however it is imperative that you check that you are using the correct machine. There are some subtle but important differences between machines for carpet cleaning and those for rug cleaning.

You need to read reviews and reports on a number of rug cleaners before making your decision as you want to improve the look of your rug, not make it look worse! It is usually advised that you hire or purchase a well known brand with a good reputation.

If you don’t want to risk ruining your rug, or you don’t have the time to clean the rug yourself, you can always hire a rug cleaning company. Breeze Carpet Cleaners are not only the leading carpet cleaning company in London, but they are also professional rug cleaners. Breeze offer the most competitive prices in London and surrounding areas, so why not give them a call today and restore your rug back to its original beauty.

Do you forget to clean your curtains and drapes?

How many of your rooms have curtains or drapes hanging in the window? How many times a day do you open and close them? Probably at least twice a day, and countless times every week. How often do you consider cleaning them? If you’re anything like the ‘average’ homeowner in the UK, my guess is probably not very often.

The sun shines down onto your curtain every day fading the colour, plus all sorts of things including pet hair, dust and dirt can build up in the folds of the curtains and amongst the hooks. You can spends hours cleaning your home from top to bottom, perhaps spend lots of money on professional carpet cleaning, but all this goes to waste if you don’t clean your curtains.

Of course you could clean your curtains or drapes yourself, but it can save a lot of stress if you hire a professional cleaning company to do the work. Breeze Carpet Cleaners are the leading carpet and curtain cleaning company in London with the most affordable rates in the area.  As a lot of the dirt collected by your curtains does fall onto the carpet, it is recommended that you get your curtains cleaned at the same time as your carpets.

If your curtains are quite old, or have been in a spot hit by strong sun rays, you should check to see if your curtains can handle a thorough cleaning.  Examine the back of the curtains, if it is split or crumbles in your hands, unfortunately your curtains will need replacing rather than cleaning.

Before you take the plunge and decide to tackle washing your curtains and drapes, or hire a professional cleaner, check to see if your curtains are washable. Often light weight curtains can simply be washed in a washing machine, but larger curtains will probably need to be washed in the bathtub.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you do clean your curtains as they could be harbouring all sorts of allergens including pollen and dust mites. Having your curtains cleaned regularly will ensure that your home is a healthier living environment.

Contact Breeze Carpet Cleaners for a quote today.