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How To Deal With Spillages On Your Carpet

How often have you fallen foul to a nasty spill on to your lovely clean carpet? Many times I’m sure. It is so easy for accidents to happen, especially if you have children or pets. These spillages do not need to be as feared as they are – by contacting a professional carpet cleaner quickly, your carpet might end up no worse off.

The best thing to do if you cause a spill on to your carpet is to call up your local carpet cleaners who can treat the spill quickly and effectively before it becomes a stain. If the carpet cleaning company in unable to get you in time they should provide you with some instructions.

Depending on the type of spill you have they might suggest that you blot the liquid spill as this can help prevent the spill from seeping further into your carpet and drying or becoming sticky.

However, do not go ahead with any kind of treatment on your spillage until you have spoken to a professional. By interfering with the spill before speaking to someone with experience, you could make the situation worse and make it difficult to remove the stain.

Not all spillages and stains require you to take the same action either so if you do the wrong thing, you could compromise your carpet. For example, milk can leave behind a horrendous sour odour if not removed correctly. Your carpet cleaner will need to know exactly what you have spilled and what carpet you have before providing any advice and guidance.

Some of the hardest spills to deal with are those that are full of colours such as fruit juice or wine. These really do need specialist treatment and it is highly recommended that you do not follow any advice found on the internet such as cleaning red wine with white wine. How do you suppose you remove the white wine?

In the event of a spill the best case scenario would be that your carpet cleaner is able to attend as soon as possible and use their expert knowledge and equipment to treat it effectively.

Your carpet is no doubt a substantial investment into your home so you don’t want to ruin it with a slight spill. There should be nothing to worry about if you act quickly and contact a professional carpet cleaner as soon as possible. Remember, don’t interfere unless you have been specifically instructed to by an expert. Messing with a spillage is worse than ignoring it! Contact us today if you have a spill or stain that you need removed.

Save Money On Your Professional Carpet Cleaning

Sometimes household costs just cannot be cut back completely and it is necessary for you to manage your finances more wisely. Sometimes it can be simple to see where you could change the way you do things to spend less money but achieve more. For example, many homeowners see carpet cleaning as unnecessary and expensive, but neglecting your carpets could leave a more costly problem behind. There are a few small things you can do to save money whilst keeping your home looking clean and fresh.

The first thing to do when looking for a professional carpet cleaning company is to check out which should be avoided. Unfortunately, just like in any other industry there are people and companies trying to scam innocent consumers. It is important that you establish how and when you pay the carpet cleaner. At Breeze we have a policy in place which means that the price you are quoted or see advertised is the final price you pay. However, not all carpet cleaners are quite this honest so do your homework before sealing the deal.

Another way to save money is actually to spend it. This might seem a little crazy and illogical but here us out. If you invest in regular carpet cleaning, let’s say once a year, you could add years on to the life of your carpet. If you have purchased an expensive carpet, there’s nothing worse than needing to replace it after just a couple of years. Save yourself thousands of pounds in replacements by ensuring your carpet is kept in top condition with a professional carpet clean.

If you have a stain or recently spilled something on the carpet, do not touch it, simply contact a professional carpet cleaner. If you start messing with the mark, perhaps trying out supermarket stain removal products you could make the problem worse and make it more difficult to remove. If you contact Breeze straight away, we are more likely to be able to remove the stain quickly and easily. Don’t cause problems for your carpet cleaner by making the situation worse.

Think about purchasing your carpet cleaning in bulk. Many homeowners feel that they don’t have the time to clean their whole house in one go so many will have just a couple of rooms cleaned at a time. Most carpet cleaning companies will offer discounts when you order more, so don’t be shy, take the time to order in bulk and save money in the process.

Spending your money wisely often doesn’t involve choosing the most affordable option so ensure that you are managing your carpet cleaning correctly to stay inside your budget. Staying smarter usually means saving money in the long run – especially with professional carpet cleaning.

Let Breeze Make Your House A Home

The best way to make your home a home is to install a luxurious carpet. Most homeowners decide to install carpet in their living areas when moving into a new house as this is an excellent way to instantly transform a new, empty house into your home.

A carpet can completely reinvigorate a room, making subtle but effective differences to the décor and atmosphere. If you want a cosy, warm and inviting atmosphere, the next best thing to a log fire is a beautiful thick carpet.

Now we have sung the praises for the carpet, here is the downside – carpets pick up dirt very easily, the soils you see on the surface, but also lots of invisible or hidden stuff within the pile. When you see a carpet hundreds of times every day it is so hard to tell when it has changed, lost colour or become grubby.

If you have a busy household, or kids, or pets, trying to keep your carpet clean all the time is a nightmare. Spills and dirty paws are commonplace but your carpet cannot handle them alone. You need to care for your carpets the same way you would a new sofa or something similar.

Professional carpet cleaning is the only way to reinvigorate your carpet and getting it to look as good as new (aside from never walking on it of course!). An experienced steam cleaner should be able to draw out the dirt, allergens and other contaminants from your carpets, whilst ensuring that the colour is revitalized.

Using specialist equipment, professional carpet cleaners like us can ad years on to the life of your carpets and never leave you struggling to maintain their look. Regular carpet cleaning is a hassle free and affordable way to ensure that your investments have not gone to waste.

Don’t get rid of your home’s focal point just because it needs a little care, just contact Breeze Carpet Cleaners who can set you up with a carpet cleaning plan. An annual onceover from us should be enough to keep your carpet looking fresh and your house feeling like a home.

What Are The Advantages To Professional Carpet Cleaning?

There are so many different types of carpets available on the market nowadays but the problem is that most homeowners do not know how to care for them properly. The most important aspect about owning a carpet is ensuring that your treat it correctly as this will ensure that you get years out of it, and keep it looking as good as possible. When taking care of your carpets it is always best to hire a professional carpet cleaning company, but why?


Homeowners need to regularly vacuum their carpets to ensure that as much debris as possible is collected and keep carpets looking fresher. However, although vacuuming is a carpet essential, it is not all that is needed to protect your carpets. Steam carpet cleaning is able to revitalise the colours in your carpet and give it a thorough clean right down to the backing. Only steam cleaning, or hot water extraction, is able to achieve these excellent cleaning results as other methods only clean the surface of carpets.


As mentioned in the reason above, professional steam carpet cleaners are the only people who can remove as much dirt, oils, and other contaminants from the base of your carpet. Amongst all the muck are allergens – from pollen to dust mites – which can cause serious health issues if not eliminated from your home. Professional carpet cleaners use a hot water extraction machine which sucks up allergens along with the cleaning solution, leaving behind a cleaner and healthier carpet.


Your carpets are like heaven for bacteria because it provides the perfect breeding place. The clean and dry carpets in your home can soon become damp or wet due to muddy footprints, slight spill of a cuppa, or even if you’ve just come out of the shower. This leaves behind the perfect place for bacteria to thrive and breed. Only professional carpet cleaning is able to remove the bacteria from your carpets as household cleaning products do not have the same result.

Top Reasons To Trust Breeze Carpet Cleaners


We know that not all carpet cleaning companies can be relied on to treat customers well, provide an affordable service or even use the correct cleaning solutions and methods. Breeze is different, our main priority is maintaining our high standard of excellence in customer service, providing value for money carpet cleaning and first class cleaning results. If you’re still unsure about us, give us a call for a chat or check out our testimonials from other customers.

Price Promise

One of the worst carpet cleaning scams is something known as ‘bait and switch’. Unfortunately many companies practise this throughout the UK and the rest of the world, but all it does is trick people in buying a cheap service. The company offer the carpet cleaning at ridiculously low prices over the telephone, but then when the cleaning technician shows up they add on lots of additional charges and even use intimidating sales tactics to ensure the customer pays. At Breeze we want to stand out from the crowd and change the way people view the industry which is why we have a price promise in place. Any price you see stated on an advertisement, on our website, or over the telephone is the final price you pay. Guaranteed.

State Of The Art Equipment

At Breeze we only use the latest technology and equipment meaning that you will always receive the best possible clean. We ensure that we invest a lot of money into the machinery we use because we want our customers to get the service they are paying for. Carpet cleaning companies who are trying to scam consumers will carry out sub-standard equipment – probably the cheapest they can buy – not our high-end hot water extraction machine.

Use Rugs And Carpets To Create A Homely Atmosphere

Most people spend a lot of time and money investing in carpets and rugs for their home in order to create a warm and homely atmosphere. A rug is also a way to add that extra bit of comfort and make it feel more welcoming. There is nothing worse than making the effort and purchasing an expensive carpet or rug and it becoming ruined quickly.

If you spend half the time you spend thinking about the perfect carpet or rug on ensuring it stays clean and tidy, your carpet could last for many years more. Professional carpet and rug cleaning is required to keep your investment clean and fresh.

There is no point creating an atmosphere in a room for the main focal point to be dusty and dirty. Steam cleaning is able to remove all the dirt, dust and other pollutants, including allergens and dust mites from your carpets and rugs keeping it clean and healthy. A nice consequence to frequent professional cleaning is that the colour is kept for longer and the quality is not lost.

There are a few things you can do to ensure that your carpets and rugs are kept in tip top condition between professional cleans such as regular vacuuming, removing shoes before working on them, rotating rugs so high traffic areas don’t become worn out.

Professional carpet cleaners are able to provide an affordable service that really will justify the time, effort and money you invested into your home. The use of hot water extraction machines in steam cleaning is recommended by industry bodies and carpet manufacturers so there’s nothing to worry about there. Protect your carpets and rugs by seeking regular professional steam cleaning from an expert every 6-18 months.

First Impressions Are The Most Important

A first impression can be very hard to change which is why it is important to always keep your home looking and smelling as fresh as possible. How your home looks creates an impression of the people living in the house. The carpets in your home can completely change the look of a room, no matter how clean and tidy the rest of the room is, a dirty carpet always makes a room look shabby.

Keeping your carpets clean all the time can be quite a difficult task, particularly if you are busy or have a large family or pets. As your carpet is one of the first things your feet touch as you enter your home, it is easy to see how it can become contaminated with all sorts of dirt and pollutants.

By regularly vacuuming your carpet you are keeping on top of the loose debris and removing a lot of things such as sand, dust or soil that might be walked through onto the carpet. However, no matter how powerful your vacuum is, it cannot effectively clean your carpet and remove stains. For carpet to be truly clean you need to contact a professional steam carpet clean who can restore your carpets to their original beauty – leaving them cleaner and healthier.

When you contact Breeze Carpet Cleaners, we will clean your carpets in the only way we know how – effectively and professionally. We only use the steam cleaning method at Breeze as industry bodies and carpet manufacturers recommended this as the best way to clean and preserve carpets. Steam cleaning is also known as hot water extraction cleaning.

Carpets can be an extremely expensive investment so it is important that you try to keep your carpet looking good for as long as possible. Breeze Carpet Cleaners are experienced in cleaning every type of carpet and know how to take care of it and not cause any damage.

Change people’s first impression of you and your home by seeking professional carpet cleaning and giving your carpets a fresh new look.

DIY Carpet Cleaning Could Be Costly

Are you bothered by your dirty carpets but just do not have the spare time to constantly vacuum and steam clean? If you add the fact that the dog and children are always running in the house from the garden, there is surely all sorts of contaminants lurking within the carpet pile.

If this sounds similar to your household then ensure that you hire a professional carpet cleaner to re-establish the cleanliness of your home and the health of your family. There are a few things that you might want to consider when choosing the right carpet cleaning service.

Removing Stains

Not all carpet cleaning companies have the knowledge or experience to remove tough stains as it is a specialist procedure. A basic carpet cleaning treatment will thoroughly clean your carpets and perhaps remove simple or fresh stains, however an additional treatment is required to move those stubborn stains. Whatever you do, do not use any supermarket stain removing chemicals as this could cause further damage. Simply contact your professional carpet cleaner and allow them to carry out the necessary procedures. After all, stain removal is a tricky process which is always best left to those with the knowledge and experience.

Cleaning Products

Your trusted professional carpet cleaner will be an expert in choosing the right cleaning solution for your carpet. Woollen carpets are treated in a very different manner to synthetic ones. These chosen cleaning solutions will be able to treat your rug or carpet effectively whereas the wrong solution could see your carpet being replaced. Don’t risk ruining your carpet, call in the professionals instead.

The Best Carpet Cleaner

Many London carpet cleaning companies claim to be the best carpet cleaner in your area, how do you know? They can’t all be the best. Breeze Carpet Cleaners are the people’s number one choice for professional carpet cleaning in London, Middlesex, Essex and Kent. We are also the market leader for the services we provide in the same areas.

If you don’t believe us why not try us out and you will see our great results. Working with Breeze is not a chore, we devote our time to achieving the best carpet cleaning results and customer satisfaction.