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Customer service is just as important as your carpet cleaning results

When you visit a professional carpet cleaning company, you should have two things in mind: how effective is the carpet cleaning and how they treat their customers. Although excellent carpet cleaning results are of course your main goal, you are paying for a service and so should expect to be treated just as well as if you were visiting any other company.

Professional carpet cleaners sometimes get away with a lot mischief and can have a bad reputation, but this is a small handful of companies, and their mistakes should not be able to tarnish the entire industry. At Breeze Carpet Cleaners, we do everything we possibly can to ensure that our customers are treated with respect and decency.

We don’t see the point in providing excellent carpet cleaning results, if the customer has felt intimated, unwanted, ignored etc. throughout the entire process. You are paying us for a service, and therefore that is exactly what we should provide, a good service.

In an attempt to move carpet cleaning away from the days of customers waiting around for hours on end in their home for the technicians to arrive, we now provide specific appointment slots for our clients. There is nothing more frustrating than waiting in all day, having to completely reschedule your day, and the technician arrive at the very end of the time window. We hope to change this and make carpet cleaning more convenient by providing exact appointments.

Many carpet cleaners will escape from your home with the cash after doing a very poor cleaning. At Breeze we never do this, if you are unsatisfied with any area of your carpet cleaning, we have a 100% guarantee, meaning that we will return to clean the area again completely free of charge. Our aim is to provide customers with clean carpets and so that is what we provide to every client.

Professional carpet cleaning doesn’t only have a bad name these things, it also has a very bad reputation in relation to quotes and payment. Breeze Carpet Cleaners are as transparent and honest as possible with our prices. The prices for our cleaning services are clearly displayed on our website, and you can also contact us by phone to receive a quote. This quote will always be honoured, and you will never be asked to pay more than you were initially quoted.

Prolong The Lifespan Of Your Carpet

Carpets can be a very large and expensive investment, and if you do not take care of them you could find yourself having to shell out large amounts of cash to replace them prematurely. Just like any of the other furnishings in your home, your carpets need a little maintenance to keep them protected against any potential wear and tear or damage.

You might be surprised to learn just how many years of life can be knocked off your carpet by neglecting its maintenance. However, it really is just common sense. Imagine if you didn’t maintain your car or other possessions, you might now understand how a lack of maintenance can lead to a reduced lifespan.

It is important, especially if you have invested heavily into your carpets, that you consider setting up a regular carpet maintenance program to keep its value and effectiveness. A simple carpet cleaning schedule can add years to the life of your carpets, saving you a lot of money in the long term.

If you are establishing a maintenance program, it is strongly recommended that you find a carpet cleaner that specialises in steam (otherwise known as hot water extraction) cleaning. The reason for this is that other methods of professional carpet cleaning do not efficiently clean your carpets and can cause long term damage. Steam cleaning is the only method of carpet cleaning to be recommended by all industry bodies including such as the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA), and all carpet manufacturers.

The projected lifespan of a carpet that is never cleaned is 3 years. If you are the sort of person that fits in professional steam cleaning now and again when the carpet is dirty you can expect your carpet to last around 7 years. Carpets that are cleaned in line with an established schedule can last up to 11 years or more.

Consider the number of rooms in your home, the number of rooms that have carpet, and how much each room cost to carpet.

For arguments sake, we will use the example of 5 carpeted rooms, each costing approximately £250. That’s a total of £1250 to carpet your home, over a 15 year period, if you do not ever obtain professional carpet cleaning, you can expect to replace your carpets 5 times, at a total cost of £6250, whereas on a cleaning schedule, you would only replace these carpets once in 15 years – a saving of £5000!

Perhaps now you will understand why it is so worthwhile to ask a professional carpet cleaning  company to set up a regular maintenance programme to clean and care for your carpets.

It Is The Employer’s Responsibility To Provide A Healthy Working Environment

As an employee, you would always expect the business you work for to maintain a certain standard of cleanliness within the workplace and keep a healthy working environment. As the employee you may have cleaning or domestic staff that are responsible for these duties, but have you considered your carpets?

It’s very likely that if you have carpets in your business premises that you cleaning staff will vacuum them on a regular basis, but are they ever professionally cleaned? Carpets are the perfect habitat for all sorts of unpleasant bugs, allergens and grime, and none of this is removed by vacuuming alone.

Although there is an obvious hygiene problem with never removing these contaminants from your carpets, there is also a potential health issue. Dust mites are renowned for living in carpets, and can only be removed by steam cleaning. People with allergies or asthma could suffer from enhanced breathing difficulties and many other symptoms if the dust mites are not removed.

Steam cleaning involves a pre-treatment being applied to your carpets to break down any tough stains and marks on the carpet. Once this has been applied a carpet cleaner will use a piece of equipment known as a hot water extraction machine to pump cleaning solution into the carpet fibres. This further loosens the dirt and lifts up anything that could be living down in the carpet pile. The machine then extracts all the fluids, along with all the contaminants at very high pressures, leaving behind clean carpets.

This process does not take very long and by using the best equipment available, the carpets only take a few hours until they are completely dry. Although it may be difficult for you to put offices out of action during business hours, at Breeze we can schedule an appointment whenever is convenient to you.

As an employer, it is your responsibility to ensure that you are providing the best environment for your staff to work in. By obtaining frequent professional carpet cleaning you could cut down the number of absences from your staff due to a cleaner and healthier environment.

Don’t Simply Rely On Vacuuming To Keep Your Carpets Clean

There are a couple of reasons why you might be looking into professional carpet cleaning, the first being that you want your home to be hygienically clean, and the second being that you want your carpet to look as good as possible. Either way, you are bound to have found out that vacuuming alone is not enough to provide you with the results you want.

In addition to a regular vacuuming routine, you will also need to carry out deep steam cleaning. This means that you are cleaning deep down into the carpet and removing all the contaminants that are trapped between the fibres, not only on the surface of the carpet.

The best way to ensure that your carpets are cleaned properly is to ask your professional carpet cleaner to use the steam cleaning method. This is the only method that has been recommended by carpet industry bodies and all carpet manufacturers as being able to effectively clean carpets.

At Breeze, we do use this method and incorporate state of the art hot water extraction equipment too. The machinery we use pumps hot water and cleaning solutions into your carpets breaking down stains and tough grime, and then extracts all the fluid at incredibly high pressures. This ensures that all the allergens and dirt is completely removed, leaving your carpets truly clean.

This method is suitable for the majority of household and commercial carpets, however should you have any concerns about steam cleaning, contact your cleaning technician.

Whether you are looking for your carpets to be really hygienically or just look good for longer, it is important that you don’t look to use dry cleaning techniques. Bonnet cleaning can actually cause damage to your carpet if used repeatedly and does not provide cleaning results to the same standard as the steam method.

Contact us at Breeze Carpet Cleaners for a quote for your carpet cleaning. Whether you want your carpets to look great or remain hygienically clean, make sure that you obtain professional carpet cleaning and don’t just rely on vacuuming.

Should I Hire A Professional?

Let’s be honest now, how many times a week do you vacuum your carpets? On average, most people probably do this once or twice a week, maybe more if you have pets or kids. However, to ensure your carpets are free from loose debris, it is actually recommended that you vacuum once a day! I know what you’re thinking, how do you expect me to have the time to vacuum every day?!

We understand that is often highly impractical to demand such cleaning regimes in a family home, which is why it is important to invest in professional steam carpet cleaning. Although this is by no means a replacement for your vacuuming, it is essential to keeping your home clean and healthy.

Even if you did manage to find the time to vacuum your whole house every day, this is only able to pick up the loose debris. Vacuuming is unable to properly clean your carpets and remove all the allergens and contaminants buried within the fibres. Think of it as something similar to sweeping the floor and mopping the floor.

Hiring a professional carpet cleaner to steam clean your carpets once or twice a year can add years on to its life span and ensure it not replaced prematurely. So, not only does carpet cleaning ensure your home is more hygienic, but it also saves you money in the long run.

You might be wondering what exactly professional steam cleaning is able to do that you cannot do yourself. Well firstly you’ve already told us that you don’t have the time to vacuum as often as it recommended, so why would you have the time to steam clean? Secondly, the equipment we use at Breeze Carpet Cleaners is state of the art, and is far more powerful than any home steam cleaners for sale or hire.

When we steam clean your carpets we apply a pre-treatment which can break down tough stains and dirt from the bottom of your carpet. Once this has loosened we use our hot water extraction machine which uses very high pressures to remove all of that grime that we loosened earlier. Our machinery is also able to remove more fluid from the carpet, leaving them drier and able to dry faster. Allowing water to sit in your carpets for too long can cause major mould and mildew problems so it is important that your carpets are cleaned quickly.

Contact us today for a quote to get your carpets professionally steam cleaned.

Carpet Cleaning And Pets

If your home is also home to family pets, you will understand how difficult it can be to keep your home and carpets clean and tidy without constricting your pets’ movement. Pets are often seen as a part of the family so you often don’t want to prevent your walking around your home.

Pet hair is one of the major problems with owning an animal, particularly a dog or cat as they often leave large amounts of hair on carpets and sofas. This can become difficult when entertaining guests as they are often not used to animals and may find it unpleasant. This issue can be solved by hiring a professional carpet cleaning company to remove the hair.

At Breeze we offer a range of cleaning services including carpet cleaning and sofa cleaning so if you have a pet problem, we are able to clean up any hair and remove any stains or odours. We have very affordable rates, in fact we offer the best prices in London and surrounding areas.

Our use of state of the art equipment will ensure that your carpets and furnishings receive the best possible clean. Your carpets will receive a pre-treatment solution first which is able to break down the stains left behind by your pets, and then our hot water extraction machine kicks into action. It removes all the loose debris and further breaks down tough stains. This is the only way to effectively remove all the contaminants such as urine, faeces, hair and other pollutants caused by your pet.

Professional carpet cleaning will ensure that you and your family can live in a clean and healthy home without having to worry about what your pets leave behind. Contact us today to discuss your cleaning requirements.

Put Your Mind At Rest From Common Sofa Cleaning Concerns

As you may well know, Breeze don’t just provide carpet cleaning, our cleaning technicians are also experts in upholstery cleaning for your sofa. We have a long history of experience in dealing with the most common fabrics right through to the rarest of leathers. Many people are wary about getting their sofa professionally cleaned, or don’t even know that they should be!

How do you clean my sofa?

We use our own unique fabric cleaning process which is something very similar to the procedure we have for carpet cleaning. The Breeze cleaning technician will use a specialist hand tool which cleans across the fabric, rather than the solution being directly poured into the sofa.

How long does it take to dry?

The use of our state of the art tools and equipment dramatically reduces drying times and saves any hassle with having to wait for days to have your sofa back in use. Your sofa should be clean and completely dry within just a few hours.

My sofa is leather not fabric

That’s just fine. At Breeze we actually have a specific leather cleaning procedure which is able to remove the stains and dirt the same as our fabric cleaner but also replenishes the oils and colours to your leather. By revitalising your leather you could add years onto the life of your sofa, preventing you having to replace it prematurely.

Can you clean my sofa at home?

Yes, one of our cleaning agents will visit your home and carry out the upholstery cleaning in situ. There is no need for you to move or take the furniture anywhere.

How much does it cost?

You might be surprised to find how reasonable our upholstery cleaning prices are, we start sofa cleaning from as little as £15. Please see our prices page for further information,

I Find Professional Carpet Cleaning A Chore

At Breeze we hate the fact that the carpet cleaning has such a bad name because we stand out for the crowd and provide excellent services that our customers want and are happy with. Let’s face it, steam carpet cleaning is a necessity, it’s something we all have to get done once a year, and it’s probably something you all dread.

However, don’t let poor carpet cleaning companies take you for a ride. When you hire a professional carpet cleaner from Breeze we will show you how it should be done. High quality cleaning results, great customer service and affordability is what we are all about.

When you book an appointment with Breeze you will be offered a specific appointment time, not a window time frame that keeps you hanging about for hours on end. We want your carpet cleaning to be convenient for you – not for us. Let us know your preferred time and we will always do our best to book you in.

We think the second most complained about thing to do with professional carpet cleaning is the shocking cleaning results. The main cause of this is that the company is not using the preferred steam cleaning method. Alternative cleaning methods such as dry cleaning or bonnet cleaning are unable to remove the dirt and grime from the bottom of your carpet and simply redistribute the debris on the surface of the pile. These methods can also cause damage to your carpets. At Breeze we have the latest equipment, known as a hot water extraction machine, to ensure that your carpet is cleaned to the highest standard.

If there is one more thing that carpet cleaners usually do wrong is bully customers into paying more for their carpet cleaning than they expected. This is called ‘bait and switch’ and is employed by many carpet cleaning companies. Breeze never use this poor sales tactic, we only charge our customers the amount we quote in advance.

Which Carpet Cleaning Method Do You Use?

At Breeze Carpet Cleaners we do everything we can to make sure our customer’s carpets are cleaned to the highest possible standard. For this reason we use the steam cleaning method as it is the only method to be recommended by all industry bodies and carpet manufacturers.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning (sometimes known as hot water extraction) is able to remove dirt, grime and other contaminants from your carpets more effectively than any other method. Regular steam cleaning can also protect your carpets and add years on to your carpet, meaning that you don’t have to replace your carpet as often – saving you money in the long run.

Other methods

There are alternative carpet cleaning methods out there which are used by many companies, but this does not automatically make them the right choice. You might have heard of dry cleaning which if we are honest isn’t technically ‘dry’. Chemicals are applied to the carpet and then a buffer is used.

No vacuum

You may notice that I haven’t mentioned any use of a vacuum or extractor yet, so where do you think the dirt goes? Well some of the carpet contaminants are absorbed by the bonnet on the buffer machine which can then easily be redistributed around the rest of your carpet. This provides the illusion that the carpet is really clean, when in fact the dirt has simply been spread around rather than in one concentrated area.

Breeze Carpet Cleaners

We use steam cleaning because we want your carpets to be truly clean and your home to be a healthier living environment for you and your family.  Dry cleaning simply gives the illusion that your carpets are clean but it is unable to actually remove any of the pollutants. For a true high quality carpet cleaning, contact us today for an appointment.

Choose A Professional Carpet Cleaner For Commercial Premises

Carpet cleaners are not only used in residential set ups, it is an extremely popular and cost effective way to keep commercial premises clean too.  Most companies prefer to hire a professional carpet cleaner because they have the equipment and expertise necessary to provide a better and deep clean than any other cleaner. Steam cleaners or hot water extraction machines are able to remove tough stains and grime far better than any other cleaning equipment.

They work by injecting a carpet cleaning solution and hot water into the carpets which breaks down the stains and loosens any contaminants between the base of the carpet and the fibres. However, before this step is carried out, Breeze also apply a pre-treatment which helps break down any dirt too – this helps provide an even better clean.

Back to the hot water extraction. Next, the machinery extracts the solution, water and any of the loosened dirt and other pollutants from the carpet at very high pressures. This makes the carpet cleaning process simple, quick and much more efficient. The equipment that Breeze Carpet Cleaners use is state of the art, meaning that we always have access to the best and newest technology. This allows us to offer extremely fast drying times to our commercial customers.

Our policy at Breeze is to be as flexible as possible for all of our customers which is why we offer appointments outside of business hours. Although we pride ourselves on causing as little disruption as possible, sometimes it just isn’t feasible to be open whilst having your carpets cleaned. With Breeze we can clean your carpets whenever is convenient for you.

It is always best to hire a professional carpet cleaner for commercial premises because:

  • they can clean your carpets more effectively – preserving your image to customers
  • add years on to the life of your carpets – saving you money in the long term
  • offer you the fastest possible drying times – minimising disruption to your business