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What can a professional company offer me that I can’t do myself?

Many homeowners do not get their carpets cleaned by a professional steam cleaning company as they feel that they can do a good enough job themselves. This is not the case, and industry bodies and experts actually state that carpets should receive a professional steam cleaning at least once a year, or more depending on the amount of traffic.


The machinery and equipment used by Breeze Carpet Cleaners is state of the art incorporating the latest technology. This steam cleaning equipment is called a hot water extraction machine, and is able to remove all the dirt and contaminants from the carpet along with the cleaning fluids – leaving behind much drier carpets.

You might think that hiring or buying steam cleaning equipment will achieve the same results and save you money in the long run, but you would be wrong. These machines do not have half the power in them as our professional equipment, and therefore are unable to clean as effectively, and they leave behind much wetter carpets – encouraging re-soiling.


The technicians at Breeze Carpet Cleaners are highly qualified and experienced with a huge range of carpet types. This means that your cleaner will know exactly which solution is the best choice for your carpet. Using the wrong type of cleaning fluid could cause damage to your carpets, and leave them in a worse state than their original condition.

Cleaning fluids and solutions from the supermarkets are able to remove dirt and stains just fine, bu the problem is that they also strip the colour and protective agents from your carpet too. This means that in just a few years time, your carpets will be left with hardly any colour, looking tired and old.


Because at Breeze Carpet Cleaners customer service is a priority, we ensure that if a customer is not satisfied with the result of their carpet cleaning, our technician will return to re-clean the area. This is  a part of our 100% guarantee, and will make certain that all our customers as happy with the clean as possible. If you carry out your own cleaning and something goes wrong, who has to pay for the mistake? Yes, that’s right, you. This will cost you even more money in the long run.

Overall, it is always best to ensure that you work with a professional carpet cleaner to look after and maintain your carpets.

Treat your carpets as an investment and protect them

If you have recently spent a lot of money on carpeting your entire home, it is important that you think about protecting it for the long term as replacing them prematurely will end up costing you a lot of money. You would not buy a car and never take it to the mechanic for its annual service and MOT – why not treat your carpets the same?

Wooden and laminate flooring does not provide the same look and feel as a carpeted home. Carpets are much more likely to provide a warm and homely environment and add to energy efficiency as they are more able to keep the heat in.

Carpets went out of fashion at one point, but they are now well and truly back on the map. It is important that you think about the colour, thickness, style and type when purchasing a carpet because they are designed to be installed for the long term and will have to compliment several different decor changes.

Once you have fully carpeted your home, you will need to draw up a regular carpet maintenance plan with a professional carpet cleaner to ensure that you get the most out of your new installation. Vacuuming is obvuiously a necessary part of carpet cleaning and carpet maintenance but it is only able to vacuum up the loose debris from the surface of the carpet.

Unfortunately, the dirt, allergens, oils and other grime does not sit nicely on the top of the carpet, it buries itself deep into the carpet pile and attaches to the fibres. The only way to remove these types  of contaminants is with steam cleaning – or hot water extraction.

This is what your professional carpet cleaner will come to your home to do. Industry experts recommended that the average household should have their carpets thoroughly cleaned once or twice a year, and vacuumed at least once a week but preferably more.

Steam cleaning is the only method to be recommended by industry bodies and all carpet manufacturers so homeowners should avoid other processes including dry cleaning and bonnet cleaning. Only regular steam cleaning can give your carpets the treatment they deserve, and adequately protect your carpets from premature replacement.

Carpet Cleaning Can Help People With Allergies And Asthma

We all know that steam carpet cleaning is good for our carpets but did you know that it could also benefit the members of your family. Steam cleaning has actually been scientifically proven to help people who suffer from allergies and asthma due its ability to remove pollutants from the carpet.

Not all forms of carpet cleaning are the same, steam cleaning or hot water extraction, is the only method able to remove the contaminants effectively. Other methods of carpet cleaning make the carpet appear clean by cleaning the surface, but ignoring particles within the carpet pile.

Steam cleaning is quite advanced and uses some state of the art equipment in order to achieve the standard of cleaning required to provide health benefits. Most households require professional steam carpet cleaning around once a year, but this could be more or less depending on the level of traffic in your home.

To the majority of people, contaminants such as dust, pollen, dust mites and other allergens will do nothing more than make a carpet appear dirty, but to some who suffers from serious allergies or asthma, they have cause serious problems.

Common symptoms to look for when establishing whether a member of your household has allergies are, sneezing, breathing problems and a runny nose. If these symptoms are present and you believe it to be the result of an allergy, getting your carpets professionally steam cleaned could be extremely beneficial.

Ignoring slight allergies could lead to further health problems such as asthma, so it is important that you and your family live in a healthy environment.

Steam cleaning is the only method of carpet cleaning to be recommended by industry bodies and all carpet manufacturers. The potentially dangerous contaminants are extracted at high pressures along with the cleaning fluid, leaving behind a cleaner and safer environment.

We have established that a great reason to have your carpets steam cleaned is to prevent any health problems, but it also extends the life of your carpets, saving you money. Professional steam cleaning is a great method of carpet cleaning, and the only method that Breeze Carpet Cleaners use.

A Guide To London Carpet Cleaning

New carpets are delicious, they smell great when you walk into the room and feel fantastic between your toes, but unfortunately this does not last forever. It won’t be long until your carpets start looking old, worn and tired unless you invest into a regular carpet cleaning maintenance programme.

We don’t claim to be able to completely prevent your carpet from wearing or aging, but professional steam carpet cleaning can extend the lifespan of your carpet by years, and keep it fresher for much longer.

Do you know how often should have your carpets professionally cleaned?

I didn’t think so, most people don’t. In fact, some people admit to having never cleaned their carpets in 10 or even 20 years because they didn’t understand the benefits or know that they should.

Installing new carpets in to your home can set you back a small fortune making it so important that you keep up with the regular maintenance. The cost seeking good carpet cleaning will be far less than replacing an expensive carpet in just a few years time.

There are of course additional benefits to having your carpets cleaned properly on a regular basis. Deep steam cleaning can remove nasty contaminants from your carpets such as dirt, oil, grime, allergens, dust mites and other unwanted pollutants. Vacuuming alone cannot remove these particles, so a professional clean is essential to keep your home clean and healthy.

How often you need to have your carpets cleaned depends on how likely they are to become dirty. The IICRC Reference Guide states that a single person or professional couple can wait up to 18 months before seeking cleaning; a family between 6 and 12 months, and those with pets between 3 and 6 months.

Here are a few points to remember when hiring a professional carpet cleaner:

  • Ask what cleaning method the company uses – steam cleaning or hot water extraction is the desired answer
  • Ask whether the quote is the total amount you will be expected to pay to try and avoid bait and switch companies
  • Carpet cleaning should be carried out on a frequent and regular basis to ensure that you avoid prematurely replacing your carpets.

Don’t Waste Your Money On Dry Cleaning

You might hear that in order to protect your carpets you need to ensure that they are professionally cleaned on a regular basis. By ‘regular’, we mean around once a year but this will depend on the level of traffic on your carpets.

If you do seek professional carpet cleaning, it is so important that you only seek steam cleaning – or hot water extraction. Other methods of carpet cleaning such as dry cleaning or bonnet cleaning are not able to clean to the same standard and can actually cause damage.

Steam cleaning is the only method of carpet cleaning to actually be recommended by all carpet manufacturers and industry bodies. Steam cleaning is able to clean right down to the very bottom of the carpet fibres, removing any dirt, grime, oils, dust and allergens.

You might presume that all carpet cleaning is able to do this but you would be wrong. Dry cleaning simply provides the appearance of clean carpets, when the dirt is actually just removed from the surface of the carpets -all the potentially hazardous allergens are left behind in the carpets.

When you consider the amount of money that dry cleaning costs, it is far more worth your while to obtain professional steam cleaning for your carpets. A regular maintenance does not have to be expensive either. At Breeze Carpet Cleaners we try and provide the best rates in London and surrounding areas without adding on outrageous fees and charges.

Don’t Believe Carpet Cleaning Myths

There are so many old wives’ tales surrounding professional carpet cleaning, but we’re here to set the record straight. Read through some of the most popular myths below.

1) Don’t clean a carpet until it looks dirty Professional carpet cleaning is something that is required on a regular basis to maintain your carpets whether they look dirty or not. Grime, oils and allergens lurk in the depths of your carpet and can lead to an unhealthy living environment if not tended to. It is usually recommended that carpets are professionally cleaned every 12 months but this is dependent on how much traffic passes over them.

2) Carpets get dirtier quicker the more they are cleaned This is both true and not true at the same time. Carpets that are steam cleaned (the method we use at Breeze) will not get dirtier quicker the more often they receive a cleaning treatment as we thoroughly rinse all carpets afterwards, preventing resoiling. However, should you opt for dry cleaning or other methods that leave behind sticky residues it is possible that your carpets will become dirtier quicker. To avoid this, always choose steam cleaning (or hot water extraction).

3) It doesn’t matter which cleaning method you use As I’m sure you can tell from the myth above, dry cleaning is a superior cleaning method which should always be chosen. This is for a number of reasons, firstly that it is the only method to be recommended by all carpet manufacturers and industry bodies. Secondly, that steam cleaning provides a superior clean as it is able to remove all dirt, oils and allergens from the bottom of your carpet.

4) Always choose the best price It only makes sense to choose the carpet cleaner that offers you the best value for money, but this is completely different to the lowest price. There are many companies out there who use the bait and switch technique to lure in customers, and then whack on lots of additional charges. Breeze Carpet Cleaners always provide you with a genuine quote, which is guaranteed.

Top 5 Reasons To Choose Breeze Carpet Cleaners

Breeze Carpet Cleaners is a London-based company with over 19 years experience in the carpet cleaning industry. We don’t like to blow our own trumpet, but here are our top five reasons for choosing Breeze for your professional carpet cleaning requirements.

1) Affordable Unlike most carpet cleaning companies we advertise and quote genuine rates. Whilst we might seem more expensive than other firms in London, once you add on all their additional costs, we actually work out cheaper. In fact, we offer the cheapest carpet cleaning rates anywhere in London and surrounding areas.

2) 100% Guarantee At Breeze we like to think that we do a good job every single time, but when we do make a mistake we are happy to own up to it. If you are ever unsatisfied with our standard of work, let us know and we will return to clean the area again as soon as possible and completely free of charge.

3) Equipment We are committed to using the latest technology and state of the art equipment to clean your carpets so you can rest assured that your carpets will receive the best possible clean. Technology in the carpet cleaning industry is frequently updated so it is important that you work with a company happy to keep on top of their equipment and machinery.

4) Steam Cleaning You might have heard of steam cleaning being referred to as hot water extraction – fear not, this is just a different name for it. At Breeze we only use the steam cleaning method to clean your carpets as it is the only method recommended by all carpet manufacturers and industry bodies. Other carpet cleaning methods such as dry cleaning or bonnet cleaning are unable to provide the same standard of cleaning and can actually cause long term damage to your carpets.

5) Appointments There is nothing more frustrating than being given a window appointment. You end up being stuck in the house all day long, having to rearrange your diary and sometimes even stay off work. At Breeze we try to make carpet cleaning simple so you will never have to wait around again. If you book carpet cleaning with Breeze we will always provide you with an exact appointment time, so you know when to expect us.

If that’s not enough to persuade you to give us a call, why not check out the rest of our website and see what other people have to say about us in their testimonials.

Keep On Top Of Your Leather Upholstery Cleaning

Leather upholstery provides you with a sense of grandeur and comfort that you just cannot achieve with fabric upholstery. With a long standing reputation for being able durable, and hard-wearing, leather is often a good choice for the family home. If there is one downside to owning leather, it is the fact that the colours can fade and the appearance deteriorate. A simple leather upholstery maintenance programme can ensure that your leathers stay looking as good as new for as long as possible.

The problems you can expect to find with leather upholstery are cracking, dryness, fading, scuffs and scratches. Although these might add a little character to vintage pieces of furniture, it is not the look you want to achieve with a brand new sofa. By obtaining professional leather upholstery cleaning on a regular basis you can protect your leather for many years in the future.

There are a number of reasons that you might want to consider getting your sofa cleaned by a professional, these include:

  • Dust collects on leather in the same way that it deposited on our coffee table, window sill and shelves, yet we fail to remember to polish it
  • Family homes are usually full of excitable children and pets, leading to dirt and soil being tracked into the house and onto your new leather sofa
  • Leaving newspapers on the leather can lead to a build-up of newsprint and staining
  • The natural oils from humans attaches to the leather upholstery, causing damage to the protective coat.

Most cleaning products found on supermarket shelves should not be used to clean leather upholstery because they also break down the leather’s protective layer. Once this layer is penetrated, drying and cracking of the leather is enhanced. Professional leather sofa cleaning is the best decision you can make to help protect your leather sofa. Your cleaner should be able to remove any stains, build-up, soiling and revitalize your sofa by replenishing important oils and colours.

If you are thinking about buying leather upholstery, you need to think about whether you are able to keep up with the maintenance. Leather is very expensive and should be considered an investment. If you are not willing to put in the time and effort required to care for your leather upholstery it will become worn prematurely. Obtain professional leather upholstery cleaning from Breeze to ensure that your leather furniture is kept in tip top condition for many years to come.