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Professional Carpet Cleaning Prevents Premature Replacement

Carpets can be incredibly expensive products and need to be considered as an investment into your home. Just like investments, the maintenance does not end after the purchase, you need to ensure that they are continuing to perform well. To do this with carpets you need to recognise the importance of professional carpet cleaners.

Buying a carpet every single time it looks dirty or a little worn would end up costing homeowners a small fortune! Rather than wasting your hard-earned money on replacements after a few months or years, spend a little time and effort hiring a reputable steam carpet cleaner to maintain your carpets and ensure that they do not require replacing prematurely.

By seeking the services of a professional carpet cleaners on a regular basis – typically required every 12 months – you will keep your carpets in tip top condition and prevent them needing replaced. Carpet cleaners have access to top of the range equipment and machinery which means that you will be left with the best possible end result.

Cleaning your carpets yourself can be risky as you do not have an in-depth knowledge about the material of the carpet, and supermarket cleaning products often strip the colour out of the fibres. Although it might save you a little bit of money in the short-term, the long term damage will be much more costly. If you have been cleaning your own carpets so far, don’t panic, just contact us as soon as possible to arrange and appointment.

Hiring a professional carpet cleaner is recommended best practice for homeowners as they are able to protect the look and finish of your carpets whilst keeping it as clean and healthy as possible. Carpet cleaners provide the best possible solution for your carpet maintenance.

Don’t Forget To Clean Your Curtains This Christmas!

Curtains are able to completely transform the ambience of a room in our home and provide it with its own unique identity. They come in all sorts of styles, designs, patterns and colours, and can be matched to our interior décor, completing the room’s finish. We often opt for new curtains when they start getting a little untidy or dirty, but this can be a waste of money as for half the price you could get the curtains professionally steam cleaned.

It’s no surprise that curtains get as dirty as they do as they act as one of the main barriers, along with the window, between the outside dirt and dust and the inside of our homes. This is not the only use of course, curtains are also used to prevent sunlight entering the room and for privacy. After time it can only be expected that the curtains will become dusty, dirty, covered in mucky fingerprints and so on.

Rather than opting to replace expensive curtains each time they get a little shabby, you could choose to have them professionally cleaned by a steam cleaner. This would mean that you can benefit from having clean and fresh curtains at less than half the price of replacements. Professional curtain cleaning also means that you don’t have to worry about taking the curtains down or trying to wash them yourself.

Breeze Carpet Cleaners always clean curtains on site, we don’t even take them from where they are hanging! Our professional technicians are able to come into your home and treat your curtains, leaving behind the best possible finish without you having to do a thing. The technique used is based on the steam carpet cleaning method but adapted to suit curtains, so you can rest assured that you will receive a top quality end result.

Your curtains can set the tone of a room, so by allowing them to look old, tired and dirty will have the same effect on the entire room leaving behind a nasty impression to guests.

Carpet Cleaning After Flooding

As a homeowner one of the worst scenarios you have to face is flooding in your home. There are different types of flooding: sanitary, unclean, or black water, and each one will has a different process for carpet cleaning.

There is an old wives’ tale that all carpets must automatically be ripped up and replaced if the home has been flooded but this really isn’t necessary if it is sanitary flooding. In order to keep your original carpet you will need the area completely disinfected once the water has been removed. Until the carpet has thoroughly dried it is worthwhile keeping walking to a minimum as the backings could become loose when wet.

To prevent any discolouration of your carpets it is important to remove any furnishings as soon as possible so that no colours run into the fibres. It is absolutely essential that as soon as you notice the flooding you start getting rid of the water in order for the carpet to be dry within 12 hours. If the carpets are left wet for any longer it could encourage the growth of potentially harmful mould and mildew.

If you want to help the drying process you can lift the carpet away from the fastener and onto something else to allow it to dry out quicker. Unfortunately that in any event of flooding the carpet underlay usually has to be removed to ensure that it does not pass any fluids back into the carpets at a later date.

Once the carpet is completely dried out, carpet cleaners can start cleaning the carpets, removing any debris or dirt caused by the flooding. After the treatment the carpets will take another 4-6 hours to dry out again, but they will end up looking as good as new, and will last a good few years.

If you thought the water was unclean there may not be any possible carpet cleaning solution, but before you take any action contact your local carpet cleaning company for professional advice.

An Introduction To Steam Carpet Cleaning

 What is steam carpet cleaning?

Steam carpet cleaning is also known as the hot water extraction method. It involves using high pressure machinery to extract cleaning fluids from the carpet fibres, removing the debris along with it at the same time. Steam cleaning can be applied to many different materials, but is incredibly effective on carpets.

Why is steam cleaning preferred?

Carpets can be cleaned using a variety of methods, but the only real way to get rid of the contaminants and pollutants hiding beneath the surface layer is with hot water extraction. Both dry cleaning and bonnet cleaning are not able to completely remove the debris and can only collect what is on the top of the carpet.

How can steam cleaning help my carpets?

Regular steam cleaning is one of the best ways to prevent your carpets requiring replacement prematurely as it protects the fibres and stops the dirt eating away at the structure of the carpet. Steam cleaning can rejuvenate an old carpet, providing it with many more years of use.

Can I just hire a steam cleaning machine?

Yes of course you can, but this does not mean that we recommend it. Many hire shops will allow you to hire a steam cleaning machine to do your own carpet cleaning but the equipment will not be to the same standard as commercial equipment. This means that your carpets will not be left as clean as possible, and it could encourage the growth of mould if the machine is unable to extract enough of the fluids.

I’ve heard steam cleaning benefits asthma sufferers

It has been medically proven that households that have their carpets professionally steam cleaned on a regular basis have fewer people suffering from allergies and asthma. Pollutants can live in the base of your carpet, causing all sorts of the problems for people with health problems.

Is steam carpet cleaning expensive?

We won’t lie to you steam carpet cleaning can be expensive if you go to the wrong carpet cleaner! At Breeze Carpet Cleaners we pride ourselves on offering the most affordable service in the whole of London and surrounding areas.  Please contact us for a no obligation quotation if you are interested in having your carpets steam cleaned by professionals with nearly two decades of experience.

Ask Breeze To Treat Stains

Carpet cleaning is something we all have to have done on a regular basis to ensure that our carpets are kept in tip top condition for as long as possible. Steam carpet cleaning is able to thoroughly clean carpets, removing all the debris and allergens from the very base of the carpet and those trapped between the fibres. This sort of cleaning should be done at least once a year, but possibly more depending on the level of traffic in your home.

Kids and pets are just a couple of ways that things end up spilt on your carpet; candle wax, chewing gum, fizzy drinks, chocolate, mud, and all sorts of other contaminants are bound to end up in your carpets. Your regular steam cleaning treatment is not enough to deal with these stains as if left for too long they will become stubborn and even harder to remove.

If there is a spill on your carpet, the best thing you can do is contact us as soon as possible so we can send out a technician to treat the problem as soon as possible. Many people are tempted by supermarket stain removal products but it is important that you do not apply these as they could harm your carpet and make it tougher for us to treat the stain.

There are many household stain removal techniques on the internet and old wives tales such as using white wine to clean up red wine, but again these have no guarantee of success and can make the stain harder to remove.

When you contact Breeze we will provide instruction on how to deal with the spill or stain, in many cases we will tell you how to clear it up, but sometimes it will be necessary for us to attend to apply a stain removal technique.

If you have a new or expensive carpet that you would like to protect from nasty spills, have you considered asking Breeze to apply Scotchguard protection? This adds a protective layer to the carpet fibres, allowing enough time to treat the spill before it soaks in to leave a stain.  Scotchguard is best added to your carpets after a regular carpet cleaning treatment, for more information contact Breeze Carpet Cleaners.

Breeze Blow The Lid On Carpet Cleaning Old Wives’ Tales

The carpet cleaning industry is jam-packed with myths about how you should have your carpets cleaned, when you want them cleaned, what methods are used and so on. Breeze Carpet Cleaners are here to blow the lid and let you know the truths about professional carpet cleaning.

Myth #1: Carpets don’t need cleaning until they look dirty

Unfortunately, this definitely isn’t true. In fact, leaving your carpets for any significant period of time could cause them more harm than good. Germs, dirt, oils and allergens all live beneath the surface of the carpet between the fibres where you cannot see them. If you do not seek professional steam cleaning at least every12 months, these contaminants could be breaking down the fibres, causing your carpets to ‘fuzz’. Dust mites also live in carpets but are invisible to the naked eye, although not generally dangerous, a dust mite allergy is very common and could be causing you or your family health problems.

Myth #2: Carpets become dirtier quicker if they are cleaned too much

We have established that you need to have your carpets steam cleaned on a regular basis to maintain their appearance and health. However, some people believe that carpets re-soil quicker when they are cleaned too often. This is not the case with steam cleaning, as carpets are thoroughly rinsed after the cleaning so that it does not leave behind any sticky residues. You might find that dry cleaning does leave behind a product on the carpet that encourages dirt to stick to it, but this can be avoided by steam cleaning carpets.

Myth #3: Steam cleaning is bad for your carpets

This is completely false. Steam cleaning – also known as hot water extraction – is actually the only method of professional carpet cleaning to be recommended by all carpet manufacturers and industry bodies. Other methods are unable to perform as well as steam cleaning and often leave behind the debris trapped between carpet fibres, just leaving the surface of the carpet clean.

Myth #4: More expensive cleaners are ripping you off

Wrong again. In some cases I am sure that cleaning companies charge more than necessary to make extra profit, however it is those with unrealistically low prices that you need to watch out for. The cheapest prices do not always mean the best value for money as many cleaners use a scam known as ‘bait and switch’. When you ask for a quote ensure that you check that is the total final price you will be expected to pay. Breeze Carpet Cleaners will always provide you with a genuine quote for carpet cleaning.

Breeze Can Treat Damp & Mouldy Carpets

Damp and mould is a major problem in homes throughout the UK, however, we are usually only aware of it on our walls. Those black spots and water marks are a tell-tale sign that your house is suffering with a damp problem – often caused or aggravated by condensation. However, damp is also a major cause for concern for carpets.

Carpets can become affected by damp when moisture manages to get into the carpet fibres from somewhere else, this could be an open or leaky window or door, a leaking radiator or severe condensation. Throughout winter it is a good idea to carry out a regular damp check to ensure that your carpets are not affected.

The damp carpets are a problem because the moisture causes fungus, mould and bacteria to grow both on and underneath the carpet. Some forms of mould are very dangerous and breathing it in can lead to all sorts of medical problems including respiratory conditions.

Damp and mouldy carpets can be easily gotten rid of by ripping them u but this is also the most expensive way to go about it. The carpet you’re about to destroy could have another ten years ahead of it if treated properly. Not only was the damp carpet worth money, but the cost of a new carpet, underlay and installation is often enough to send your bank balance into the red. Carpets do not automatically have to be removed just because of damp and mould, save yourself a lot of money by having the carpet professionally steam cleaned instead.

Breeze Carpet Cleaners use a cleaning method known as steam cleaning or hot water extraction. This method uses state of the art equipment which can remove and thoroughly clean any damp carpets. We employ a unique nine stage cleaning program which ensures that all mould is removed and prevents it from returning one the source of the damp has been fixed.

If you have damp or mouldy carpets it is important that you get them treated as soon as possible because they are not only unsightly, they can be a danger to your family’s health. It is not necessary to panic and remove all damp carpets, contact Breeze Carpet Cleaners who can rectify the problem and restore a healthy living environment.