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Start 2012 Like You Mean To Go On

It is important in life to start the New Year as you mean to go on as otherwise old habits will continue into the future. One of the best things about the New Year is brushing off past demons and turning over a new leaf. If you have always been a bit slack on your household chores, why not make it your New Years’ resolution for 2012 to set up a carpet maintenance plan with your local steam carpet cleaning company?

Breeze Carpet Cleaners have expanded throughout the UK into most major cities, so we are bound to have an office near you. You can contact a member of our team to book a thorough steam carpet cleaning appointment and get your home prepared for the year ahead. We don’t just offer steam carpet cleaning either, our revolutionary system can be used on rugs, curtains, and upholstery too.

Steam cleaning, or hot water extraction, is proven to be the most effective method of carpet cleaning there is, and has actually been recommended by a number of industry bodies such as the National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA) and all UK carpet manufacturers.

At Breeze we have developed our own nine stage cleaning system which ensures that your carpets are free from any pollutants and revitalises carpet fibres, giving a fresh and clean look. Steam carpet cleaning does a more important job than simply making carpets look better, it protects them against the strains of being spilt and trampled on for years to come, and ensures that your home is free from allergens which could irritate asthma or cause allergic infections.

Don’t allow your home to become a haven for all things nasty, make sure that you keep on top of your carpet cleaning this year and keep your home healthy. The average household should get their carpets professionally cleaned every 6-12 months, but can be more frequent if you have a large or busy household.

Hire A Company – Not a Machine!

As you probably well know, the average household needs to get their carpets steam cleaned every 6-12 months. Your requirements may be different, perhaps more frequently, or not so often, depending on your personal circumstances. Whatever your situation, you will need steam carpet cleaning many times throughout your life.

When you think about cleaning the carpets, what do you picture? A steam cleaning machine hired from an appliance store, or a professional company that take care of everything right down to the removal of your furniture?

If it’s the latter, you are onto a winner! Professional steam carpet cleaning carried out by a reputable company should be the only way that your carpets are treated. At Breeze we use industrial strength equipment to ensure that your carpets are left in the best possible condition.

The equipment used for steam cleaning is a hot water extraction machine, which is capable of extracting the solutions and dirt at much higher pressures than any equipment available for hire or purchase. This means that your carpets are not only much cleaner and fresher, but they are also left behind drier.

Faster drying times are important when it comes to steam cleaning because otherwise mould and mildew could start forming on the carpet. This can lead to serious damp problems, and even mean that the carpet needs replacing.

A hired steam cleaning machine is capable of cleaning carpets, just not to the same standard as you would get from a professional company. Firstly, our technicians are highly experienced and knowledgeable about every type of carpet and the solutions that are best suited to them. Secondly, our equipment provides a far more superior cleaning than any hired machine. Thirdly, a machine is unable to provide the level of customer service associated with our cleaning company.

Our steam carpet cleaning prices are so affordable that hiring a machine seems like a complete waste of time and money. Contact us today to make an appointment and give your carpets the treatment they deserve.

It’s Time To Kick Back And Enjoy The Holidays

It’s that time of year already, two days before the big day and 90% of the UK population are dashing out to the shops to pick up last minute presents and all sorts of other goodies. The build up to Christmas lasts a good few weeks so many people have prepared their home in time for the festivities to begin, but once the day is over, all the family have gone home, the host is left to clean up.

Well we believe that the host should be able to relax just as much as the next person, so instead of running around like a headless chicken worrying about the state of the kitchen, the spills on the carpets, and the disastrous looking furniture, contact your local cleaning company.

In order to make your home spick and span after the boisterous festivities at Christmas, and just in time for New Year, let Breeze come to your home and pick up the pieces. Whilst we do not wash the pots and prepare the turkey curry, there are some important tasks that we can carry out.

Breeze provides a carpet steam cleaning service, but is also able to transfer this technology to your upholstery, curtains, and rugs too. Our hot water extraction programme is capable of lifting those stubborn stains from your carpets, whilst protecting the colour and structure of the fibres.

No matter how tough the stain is, perhaps one of your guests spilled red wine down the cream carpeted stairs, or the family dog came running through from the muddy garden to greet some visitors, Breeze cleaners can handle it.

f you are looking to prevent the same thing happening again at your New Years’ Eve party, consider asking our technicians to add Scotchguard protection after your cleaning. This additional layer protects your carpets from spills and stains, and can even help your carpet last for many more years when applied regularly.

Don’t become stressed over the holidays, let Breeze do the hard work whilst you focus on spending time with loved ones.

Make Enhancing Your Businesses’ Image Your New Year’s Resolution

If you are planning on shutting up shop for a few days over the Christmas and New Year period, why not make the most of it by seeking some professional commercial carpet cleaning? The majority of businesses do not obtain carpet cleaning as regularly as they should because they believe that it will cause major disruption to the daily running of the company.

Well then, now is the time to get those grubby carpets sorted! By postponing steam carpet cleaning you could actually be damaging the carpets leading to premature replacement. If you spent a small fortune on the carpets to begin with, you should really consider maintaining them properly in order to avoid significant losses.

Commercial carpet cleaning can lift dirt and stains, remove all the allergens and contaminants from between the carpet fibres, and completely revitalise the carpet giving it a new lease of life for the New Year. The level of traffic passing through your work place will determine how often you need to obtain this carpet treatment, but generally every 6-12 months is enough.

Contrary to popular belief commercial carpet cleaning does not cause serious interruptions to a business when open as the developments in technology mean that carpets are completely dry again within just a few hours. However, if you are still concerned Breeze will arrange appointments outside of office hours, early mornings, evenings, weekends, and even over the holiday season.

Your business image is incredibly important as it gives your staff members, visitors, and customers an idea of how you operate. If your reception or lobby area is incredibly untidy and dirty looking, how many people do you think will walk straight back out?

Don’t let worn and tired carpets lead to businesses losses – contact Breeze Carpet Cleaners today for more information about commercial carpet cleaning.

Ensure your carpet cleaner does the job properly

Every carpet cleaning company will clean carpets different, firstly the carpet cleaning technique or method could be steam, dry, or bonnet; but even within these categories differences will occur. Steam carpet cleaning takes some time and effort on the part of the technician but in order to cut costs you might find that the company skip some very important steps.

Here at Breeze, we have developed our own nine-step steam carpet cleaning procedure that every single cleaning technician follows to ensure that your carpets are always cleaned to the highest of standards.

Step One: Clean up dry soils & debris

Most of the contaminants in your carpets is made from dry soil which can be removed using a super vacuum of sorts. Standard domestic vacuum cleaners will help keep your carpets clean and tidy, but they do not have the power to completely eliminate this soil Our cleaners use what’s known as a high-filtration vacuum to ensure that the carpets are completely free of dirt.

Step Two: Furniture removal

Don’t worry the removal men aren’t coming in to take your furnishings, they will simply taking the furniture out of the room that needs cleaning. Our technicians will either remove the furniture themselves, or give you a helping hand – depending on what furnishings you have.

Step Three: Stain removal

Whilst you might not have a huge red wine stain across the middle of your cream carpets, nearly all carpets will have some stubborn stains on them. The technicians will treat these spots before the general carpet cleaning begins to ensure that they are not left behind.

Step Four: Pre-spray

This electromagnetic pre-spray is designed to lift the oily and grimy substances from your carpets for easier removal with the hot water extraction.

Step Five: Hot water extraction

Now we finally get around to the actual steam cleaning itself. Using industrial hot water extraction machines we use high quality cleaning solutions to rid your carpets of any other pollutants. These fluids are then extracted at a high pressure along with any remaining debris.

Step Six: Rinsing

This is one step commonly missed by cleaning companies. The rinse is very important as it ensures that no solution is left behind in the carpets, as this can damage the carpet fibres and leave large white stains on the carpet.

Step Seven: Foil Tabs

Our technicians will return the furniture that was removed from the room and apply protective foil tabs to the bottom of it. This prevents the paint or varnish from seeking into the damp carpets and leaving coloured streaky stains.

Step Eight: Grooming

Once the carpets have been thoroughly cleaned they will be raked through so that it prevents any tangles in the fibres, and it dries in the right direction.

Step Nine: Over shoes

We understand that you may have to enter the room in question whilst the carpet is drying, so we will leave behind a couple of pairs of over-shoes that can be worn to protect the carpet.

What are your carpet cleaning drying times?

One of the most common questions from our customers is about carpet cleaning drying times. The answer to this question will vary depending on the type of carpet, the equipment used, the environment, and the carpet cleaning technician. It is pretty much impossible to give an accurate carpet cleaning drying time, but with prior experience and knowledge it is possible for us to offer an estimate.

Type of carpet

You might be wondering how the material of the carpets affects the length of time they take to dry. Well, as an example a woollen carpet will take a lot longer to dry out than a synthetic one because the cleaning solution penetrates much deeper into the wool fibres than synthetic. This allows for the fluids to be extracted from synthetic carpets much easier than woollen, leaving behind a drier carpet.


The equipment or machinery used is one of the biggest factors in drying carpets as it generally has the biggest influence. At Breeze we always use state of the art industrial hot water extraction machines because they are the most powerful and effective pieces of equipment in the steam cleaning industry. Other machinery that can be hired or purchased from retail outlets does not have anywhere near the same amount of power, and therefore leaves carpets behind with much more moisture.


The environment around the carpets are can also have an impact on how long they take to dry after a steam cleaning treatment. Many customers assume that warming up the house by closing windows and doors, and turning on the central heating will make the carpet drying time speed up. This is a misconception as the carpets actually need adequate air flow to dry. A dry but very windy day is a perfect day for steam cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning Technician

The carpet cleaning drying times you are given will likely vary between cleaners and technicians. Although professionals can provide customers with a rough estimate, this is an estimate, not an exact science, and the factors above will affect the time taken.  Therefore each technician will probably provide a slightly different time scale. However, as a general rule steam cleaned carpets will usually be dry within 4-12 hours.

Top Myths In The London Carpet Cleaning Industry

#1: Discount carpets will save me money

One of the worst myths in the carpet cleaning industry is that expensive carpets are a waste of money, and that a discount carpet will help cut costs. The reason that this is one of the worst misconceptions is because it could end up costing a significant amount in the long run. Cheap carpets are suitable if you only plan on having them for a short period of time, such as in a 6 month let. However, a good quality carpet, which might cost three or four times the amount, could last for up to 30 years.

#2: Underlay is unnecessary

There is a phrase in the carpet industry that the carpet you install is only as good as its underlay. This is because without a high quality, thick undelay the carpet backing becomes damaged earlier, leading to a quicker forming of wear patterns in the carpets. You could pay a lot of money for a top quality carpet, for it to end up worn prematurely.


#3: I don’t need professional cleaning for the first 12 months

If you install a new carpet it needs professional cleaning just like any other carpet. Unfortunately new carpets are just as much at risk of debris and other contaminants working their way into the carpet pile and breaking down the fibres.  As soon as the fibres start to break down the carpet will start looking fuzzy and fluffy, and will need replacing sooner.

#4: A hired carpet cleaning machine does the same job

Steam carpet cleaning machines can be purchased or hired and used at home, but they do not provide the same power as professional industrial machines, nor does the person using it have the same knowledge and expertise as a cleaning technician. As the machine is unable to extract as much water from the carpet, it can cause mould and mildew to form.

#5: I should remove stains with supermarket products

There are countless numbers of stain removal products advertised on television and on supermarket shelves, but if you value your carpet these should never be used. These stain removal products contain lots of chemicals which can strip the colour from your carpet.

Rid Your Carpets Of Unsightly Stains This Christmas

Christmas and the holiday period is a time of happiness and cheer in family homes all around the country. Young children are running around the house playing with recently unwrapped toys, the grand parents are huddled around the fireplace with a sherry, whilst others are cooking away in the kitchen. The scene is similar up and down the UK, but some people are not enjoying their day.

Inviting guests to your home can be incredibly stressful, especially for such a large and important event as Christmas. The host of Christmas Day often wants to provide their guests with the most wonderful day, set off in the perfect surroundings. In order to achieve this homeowners around the country will be tidying and sprucing up their houses and adding the Christmas decorations.

One thing that many people miss until it is too late are those unsightly stains across the living room floor that they have been meaning to sort for the past few weeks. It is a fact that carpets get dirty, spills happen, and stains are left behind, but that does not make them any less of an eyesore.

To prevent your guests focusing their attention on your stained carpets, contact your local carpet cleaning company for some high quality and professional stain removal. Whilst you could easily pop to a supermarket to pick up stain removal products, these may not be able to get rid of stubborn stains, and could even damage your carpet further.

If there is anything worse than a stained carpet on Christmas Day, it must be a stained, patchy, and dis-coloured carpet. Avoid these products that are full of chemicals and put your trust in an experienced carpet cleaning technician so you can relax over the holiday period knowing that your home will live up to expectations.

Whilst you are having stains removed from your carpet, you could also get them steam cleaned to save another visit from the technician later in the year. This way your carpets will be completely free from any unwanted contaminants, and you really can sit back and enjoy Christmas with everyone else.

Protect Your Home From Dust Mites With Leeds Carpet Cleaning

It is a well-known fact that our carpets are home to thousands, or even millions, of dust mites. Although not a very pleasant thought, dust mites are not particularly harm to most of us, they simply feed on skin cells from our bodies and our pets. However, dust mites’ faeces contain an enzyme which is a major cause of allergies.

The recent news that millions of us are allergic to our own homes is down dust and these little dust mites. You might think that your home doesn’t have any dust mites, but you would be wrong, these creatures thrive in the warmth of the furnishings in our houses – this is why carpets are the perfect breeding ground. As the mites only measure around 1/100th of an inch in length you will not be able to see them without a magnifying glass or microscope.

If anyone in your household has problems with nasal congestion, sneezing, itchy nose and so on, not dissimilar from the symptoms of a cold, it is possible that they are allergic to this digestive enzyme. Dust mite allergies are generally not a serious medical condition but they can be uncomfortable, and cause issues for people suffering from asthma.

There are ways to help alleviate the symptoms caused by dust mites, the most obvious being to try and remove them from your home. This might sound difficult as you are unable to see the bugs, but a thorough steam cleaning should help sort the problem.
Vacuuming carpets on a frequent and regular basis can really help keep the impact of dust mites to a minimum but unfortunately this alone is not enough to solve the problem. In order to prevent anyone in your home suffering from these uncomfortable flu-like symptoms, contact your local Leeds carpet cleaner.

Research has shown that steam carpet cleaning is able to effectively remove dust mites and their waste from your carpets. This works well as the machinery used is able to extract the cleaning solutions from the carpet along with any allergens, dirt, and dust mites, at very high pressures.

The other positive to steam cleaning is that it leaves your home fresh, clean and healthy for you and your family. Industry experts recommend seeking a professional carpet cleaning treatment at least every 12 months, but the frequency required does depend on the traffic in your home.

Get Good Value For Money By Steam Cleaning Carpets

As the owner of high quality carpets you are probably well aware of the importance of regular professional carpet cleaning. But, do you know the benefits to steam cleaning?

Dry cleaning and steam cleaning are two very different methods of carpet cleaning, the latter being recommended by industry bodies and carpet manufacturers alike. Whilst it is incredibly important to obtain professional cleanings to maintain your carpets and prolong their life span, the type of carpet cleaning you choose is also a major factor.

Steam cleaning, also known as hot water extraction, should always be the preferred method of carpet cleaning, as it is the only technique that is able to remove all the dirt, grease and allergens from carpet fibres.

Other methods, including dry cleaning, do not remove these contaminants in the same way, and they often leave behind residues which encourage re-soiling, and can in some cases cause damage to your carpets.

The more frequently you obtain the wrong type of carpet cleaning, the more likely it is that you will have to replace your carpets prematurely. Steam cleaning is environmentally friendly as it does not involve any harsh chemicals, and it cleans right to the very base of your carpets, leaving your home much fresher and healthier.

If you obtain a thorough steam cleaning treatment from your favourite London carpet cleaners it should be ok to leave your carpets for another 12 months or so, unless something disastrous happens. However, the frequency of steam cleaning does depend on your personal circumstances, so if you have a large family to pets, you may require more frequent treatments.

Many people assume that all carpet cleaning companies provide the same service with the same results, but unfortunately this is not the case. In fact other methods only clean the surface of the carpet, and as we previously mentioned, can even cause damage and re-soiling.

To ensure that you are always getting good value for money from your London carpet cleaning company, get all your carpets steam cleaned in one go, and avoid less effective methods such as dry cleaning. Contact us for a no obligation quotation and we will see if we can help you get your carpets looking as good as new.