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Do Your Carpets Factor In Your Spring Cleaning Regime?

It’s the end of January, Christmas is all over with for another year and New Year’s resolutions went out the window last week, back to normality. Now the spring cleaning is on the horizon, and homeowners start to think about clearing out the mountain of junk they have collected over the past 12 months and giving the kitchen a good scrub. Will you think about cleaning your carpets too?

If you want to ensure that your home is well and truly clean, it’s absolutely essential that you don’t forget your carpets. There is so much debris, dirt, allergens, dust, oils, and other pollutants living in the bottom of your carpet that by cleaning other areas and forgetting about this bacteria haven, your home will not be truly clean.

To make sure that your carpets are not harbouring all sorts of unwanted guests, it is best to ask a professional steam cleaner to come in and treat the carpets. This usually needs to be done every 12 months, but your carpets could require cleaning as often as every 3 months if you have a busy family and pets.

It is a good idea to include steam carpet cleaning into your spring cleaning regime as it means that the whole house will be cleaned out at the same time, providing optimum results. By having your carpets cleaned on a regular basis you can prevent respiratory diseases and extend the lifespan of your carpet.

Vacuuming is also an important factor in the maintenance of your carpets, but this alone is not enough to ensure that your carpets are really clean. Steam cleaning will revitalise your carpets, strengthen the fibres and bring back the colour in dull carpets.

Now is a good time to start thinking about and planning your major spring clean, so why not give us a call for a no obligation quotation? Steam carpet cleaning can help you make sure your home is prepared to face another tough year ahead.

Professional Services Require Two Things: A High Quality Finish & Good Customer Service

It is recommended that homeowners seek professional steam carpet cleaning around every 12 months, the actual frequency will depend on personal circumstances, to ensure that their carpets are in tip top condition. But, what can a professional offer that you can’t do yourself?

High Quality Finish

The equipment used by professional carpet cleaners, including ourselves, is known as a hot water extraction machine. This state of the art equipment is very expensive and of industrial strength, meaning that carpets are cleaned and dried much faster. Not only does this save on time and make carpet cleaning much more convenient, it also provides a much better finish.

Steam carpet cleaning is the only method to be recommended by the National Carpet Cleaners Association and all UK carpet manufacturers. When it is carried out by a professional technician it can leave carpets looking revitalised and refreshed. The cleaning ensures that all the dirt, oils, debris, allergens and other contaminants are completely removed from the carpet, but it also protects the fibres and could extend the life of the carpet by many years.

If you are ever unsatisfied with the standard of our carpet cleaning, we will always return to clean the area again completely free of charge. All of our customers benefit from our 100% guarantee.

Unrivalled customer service

Whilst the carpet cleaning finish is incredibly important it’s not the only thing that you should be concerned with when hiring a professional carpet cleaning company. Think about it, if you were to go to a restaurant which was renowned for its incredible food, would you return if the service was poor? Probably not. The same applies to any other service, including steam carpet cleaning.

Breeze Carpet Cleaners pride themselves on their high standards of customer service. Not only do we ensure that our customers are well looked after and informed about the steam cleaning we process, we go the extra mile and exceed our customer’s expectations.

We understand that waiting around for carpet cleaners to turn up is an inconvenience and can be time consuming. This is exactly why we are one of few companies that arrange specific appointments rather than simply offering a generic time frame.

Some carpet cleaning companies try to mask their prices so that customers end up paying far more than they originally thought the service would cost. This is not the case at Breeze, our prices are clearly displayed on our website, and if you’re still unsure you can contact us for a fully inclusive no obligation quotation.

Advances In Technology Mean That Steam Cleaning Is The #1 Carpet Cleaning Method

Experts in the carpet cleaning industry and consumers alike used to turn their nose up at steam carpet cleaning as it was seen as extremely time consuming and expensive. However, the industry as a whole has picked up in recent years, and significant developments in technology have meant that steam carpet cleaning is now the preferred method of cleaning.

Whilst steam cleaning has always been the most efficient method at removing traces of dirt, bacteria and other contaminants it was always avoided due to the time it took to dry. This led to an increase in the popularity of dry cleaning, but this method is not able to offer the same standards of cleaning, and only really cleans the surface of carpet fibres.

Previously steam carpet cleaning used to take a very long time to dry as the equipment available was not powerful enough to extract large volumes of water from the carpet fibres.  Thanks to improvements in technology over recent years, steam cleaning now uses what is known as a hot water extraction machine.

This equipment pumps the cleaning solution into the carpet, loosens any stains or compacted debris, and then both the fluids and dirt is removed at incredibly high pressures, leaving behind much cleaner and healthier looking carpets.

Steam carpet cleaning is the only method to be recommended by all UK carpet manufacturers and industry bodies such as the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning & Certification (IICRC) and National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA).

This highly recommended cleaning technique is not only capable of cleaning carpets, but also extending their lifespan. It has been proven that frequent thorough steam cleaning treatments can help improve the strength of carpet fibres and enhance the colour of the carpet. This means you’re your carpets could last for years longer than if they are not maintained.

Contact Breeze Carpet Cleaners today for a no obligation quotation.

Steam Carpet Cleaning Can Treat Damp & Mould Problems

There is nothing worse than finding large black and green spots lurking in the corners of your ceiling or behind large items of furniture. A feeling of dread will fill your stomach as you come to realise that your home is suffering from damp. One of the most common causes of damp in homes around the UK is condensation due to a lack of air circulation. Damp and mould is not only a major concern for the bricks and mortar of your home, but also the furnishings inside it.

Carpets that have been subjected to moisture from a leaking pipe, dodgy radiator, windows or doors can start to feel the impact of damp. The sheer cost of replacing all the carpets in your home should be enough to motivate you to do an annual damp check as the damp may not yet be showing its most noticeable signs, such as mouldy walls.

The moisture that has found its way into the carpet fibres can start to produce bacteria and fungus which grows on both sides of the carpet. There are many different types of mould, with some of them being very hazardous to your health as they can cause and aggravate a number of respiratory conditions.

You might think that pulling out the damp-ridden carpets and replacing them with brand spanking new ones is the only way to go. Whilst this should eradicate the problem it may also break the bank! The cost of replacing carpets can reach into the thousands, depending on the quality of the carpets and the size of your home. Plus, the carpet you are about to take to the dumping ground could have another ten or twenty years of life left in it.

Professional steam carpet cleaning is the answer to all of your prayers. By using extremely powerful industrial hot water extraction machinery you should be able to treat your carpets for damp and mould, and prevent it from coming back. The sooner you ask a professional cleaner to treat your damp ridden carpets the sooner you and your family can go back to enjoy a healthy living environment.

In order to put a complete stop to any future damp problems in your carpets it is important that you find the source of the damp and fix it as soon as possible.

Is Professional Carpet Cleaning Really That Expensive?

f you have a home with carpets throughout you will probably be aware of the cost of steam carpet cleaning. Many people assume that hiring a professional cleaning company to clean their carpets will cost a lot of money. In fact, they couldn’t be more wrong.

The cost of getting professional steam carpet cleaning is generally not that much more than hiring the equipment to do the job yourself. The cost of supermarket cleaning products and the hire of machinery over ten or twenty years could end up being twice as much as hiring Breeze Carpet Cleaners.

Not only do you have to find the time to clean the carpets yourself, you also need to ensure that you know what you are doing. Carpets can be made from a wide range of materials such as synthetic or wool, and the way in which each of these fabrics is treated is very different.

It is incredibly easy to make a mistake when cleaning a carpet, or do damage through a lack of knowledge and experience. Just one tiny error could leave you having to spend a small fortune rectifying the problem.

Our carpet cleaning technicians are highly trained with many years of experience behind them, and are capable of working with tough commercial carpets right through to delicate antique rugs. No challenge would prove to be too difficult for our cleaners, so you won’t have to worry about any damage to your carpets.

It is recommended that you avoid off the shelf cleaning and stain removal products at all costs, as they will only cause more harm than good. These solutions are usually jam packed with chemicals which often strip the colour from the carpet fibres, and can even cause them to breakdown, leaving your carpet looking fuzzy.

Professional steam carpet cleaning effectively removes all the debris and bacteria from the carpet, leaving behind stronger fibres and a much cleaner carpet. By getting your carpets cleaned on a regular basis you could save yourself hundreds, or even thousands of pounds over the years.

Steam Cleaning Doesn’t Mean You Can Forget The Vacuuming

Have you ever thought that the strain of everyday life was beginning to get on top of you and wear you down? I’m sure you have, we all have similar moments, but it’s not just us humans that share this feeling, inanimate objects do too to a certain extent. Your carpets are battered and bruised throughout the day from dirty shoes banging up and down on them to pets rolling around on them, and even kids spilling food and drink.

Just as a sit down and a cup of tea might make you feel a little brighter about your day, your carpets need looking after too. Although steam cleaning is incredibly important for the health of the carpet, it is not give you an excuse to forget about the vacuuming. This bog standard household chore could save you thousands of pounds over the years, and ensure that your carpets remain looking healthier for longer.

Professional steam carpet cleaners will always recommend that home owners vacuum their carpets as often as possible, as it prevents any loose debris being worked into the depths of the carpet by shoes. The more often you vacuum the less likely this dirt will end up compacting at the base of the fibres, and the longer your carpets will remain fluffy and new.

Vacuuming is a really important part of carpet maintenance but it’s never really done often enough in homes around the country. By vacuuming regularly you will not only benefit from cost saving but could also be improving the quality of the living environment for your family.

Vacuuming is something that should be done on a frequent basis, from once a day to once a week depending on the level of traffic in your home. Whereas steam cleaning only needs to be done between every 3 and 18 months, again the exact frequency differs between households.

Regular vacuuming combined with steam cleaning can keep carpets looking for newer for longer and prevent premature replacement. The two types of carpet maintenance go hand in hand, and without one half of the programme, your carpets may not last anywhere near as long as they should.

Leave Tough Stains To The Professionals

Some things are just destined to be, and it seems that new clean light-coloured carpets are just waiting for someone to spill something all over them. Whilst it can be incredibly tempting to start meddling with the spills in order to protect or save your beloved carpets, you could actually be making the situation worse.

Try to think of it a bit like a crime scene, the more people mess with the scene, the harder it is for the detectives to solve the case. Perhaps a rather imaginative comparison, but the idea is the same. The more you try to clear up the stain yourself, the more damage you could be doing to your carpets in the long run.

If you have a new spill or even an old stain that you are only just getting around to removing, it is always best to contact the professionals. There are many things that can go wrong with trying to remove stains and spills yourself, from listening to old wives tales, to buying supermarket stain removal products.

Firstly, old wives’ tales are just that, tales, not fact. Whilst some of these stories may work in removing a stain temporarily, they could also cause just as much damage. For example, the idea of removing red wine by soaking it with white wine, all well and good, but this only removes the colour of the stain, not the wine itself. Has anyone considered how they will remove the fluids from their carpets afterwards?

Secondly, stain removal products found lining supermarket shelves sell like hot cakes, and they do work. However, the consequences of these products can be quite severe as they are made with very strong chemicals, which can strip your carpet of any strength and colour.

If you want to successfully remove stains and spills from your carpet, the best thing to do is contact a professional carpet cleaning company. Our technicians have the knowledge and experience to remove stains whilst ensuring your carpet is left in the same condition.

Breeze Aren’t Just Carpet Cleaners

Despite being called Breeze Carpet Cleaners, we provide a wide variety of steam cleaning services for other surfaces too. We created our own unique nine stage steam cleaning programme which proved to be so successful for carpets, that we developed it further so that it could be applied to other furnishings too.

At Breeze we offer the best steam carpet cleaning service in the UK, but we also provide our customers with upholstery cleaning, rug cleaning, mattress cleaning and curtain cleaning. These other furnishings found in most need just as much care and attention as your carpets. Why not save time, effort, and money by asking us to clean them all on the one visit.

When getting your carpets steam cleaned it is important that the rest of your home is clean too, otherwise your carpets will become dirtier quicker. Your curtains and upholstery are just two furnishings which attract a lot of dust, dirt, hair, and other pollutants. Just as with carpets, these contaminants can become trapped between the fibres.

By applying our steam cleaning technique to these furnishings, we can help provide you and your family with a much cleaner and healthier living environment for longer. Getting upholstery, rugs and curtains cleaned is important for just about every home, but even more so for those with pets and children.

Curtain Cleaning

We have developed our own way of cleaning curtains which doesn’t even involve you having to take them down or rehang them.

Mattress Cleaning

If the thought of bugs and bacteria in your mattress is enough to prevent you getting a good night’s sleep, contact us to put it right.

Rug Cleaning

Vintage rugs are often full of multi-coloured dyes and delicate fabrics, leaving them open to a whole host of problems. Our experienced technicians are well experienced at dealing with such items and will ensure your rugs are left in excellent condition.

Upholstery Cleaning

We use a specialised hand tool to clean your leather and fabric sofas which prevents the solutions from penetrating too deep inside the furniture, but leaves an excellent finish.