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What should I do after steam cleaning?

As a result of the deep and thorough cleaning process, steam carpet cleaning will leave your carpet slightly damp. Having just cleaned your carpet, the last thing you want to do is get it dirty. By taking care to avoid the following things, you can make sure your carpet stays cleaner for longer.

Avoid walking on the damp carpet with shoes. Dirt from shoes that gets deposited on the wet carpet will mix with the moisture that remains from steam carpet cleaning and become absorbed into the carpet fibres. If there is excess cleaning agent left in the carpet, this will attract dirt particles, leading to areas of staining.

If this is not possible to schedule your steam carpet cleaning for a time when the room in question can be left empty, wear clean socks, or plastic bags over your shoes to protect the carpet. If your carpet was cleaned by Breeze, a professional steam carpet cleaning company, they will provide you with paper shoes covers.

Wait until the carpet is fully dry after steam carpet cleaning before you bring your furniture back into the room. If furniture must be returned to the room, put furniture legs on coasters or pieces of foam. This is especially important for wooden furniture that has been stained, as this could leak slightly when left in contact with a damp carpet.

To help ensure your carpet dries as fast as possible after steam carpet cleaning, you want to make sure there is good airflow in the room. Open all the windows to allow fresh air to blow through, not just into, the room. This means moisture in the air will be carried out of the room. It is a common misconception that shutting all the windows and turning the central heating on will dry out the carpet effectively. In fact, this can lead to mildew and damp problems.

By taking a few precautions, you can ensure that your carpet remains in top condition for months, giving you longer before it needs steam carpet cleaning again.

Spring cleaning tips

Spring has arrived, and now that the darkness of winter has left us, you want your house to feel as fresh as the new season. As one of the largest surface areas in your home, your carpets will need a lot of attention. So will other areas of your home and as great as it is for carpets, steam cleaning cannot sort out the rest of your cleaning for you, so here are some spring cleaning tips to help you get your home clean and tidy.

Focus on one room at a time. If you try to do bits and pieces in each room at the same time, you are probably going to end up with more mess than you started with. Dust, tidy and sort out one room before going onto the next. Once the house is spotless you can vacuum through and begin steam cleaning the carpets.

Washing your curtains can make a world of difference. It is easy to forget about them, but if you are going to be steam cleaning your carpet, you do not want the resulting cleanliness to make your curtains look dirty. They might be machine-washable; if not, see if your carpet cleaner can tend to them too.

Give your windows a good clean using special cleaning fluid, or some washing-up liquid and warm water. After washing your curtains and steam cleaning your carpets, you will not have dirt and grime built up anywhere else in your house, so dirty windows will really stand out.

Steam cleaning is an essential part of your spring cleaning routine. If you are going to get the rest of your home in top condition, why not your carpets as well? Steam cleaning is the most effective and health-friendly way to make your carpets look clean and new again. Waiting until the warm spring weather before steam cleaning your carpets means that they will dry much quicker.

Following these spring cleaning tips will reawaken your home, leaving you free to enjoy the new season.

Looking after your carpet until its next steam clean

Making sure that your carpet looks good and lasts for as long as possible is not only good for the appearance of your home; it is also good for your finances. Here are some simple tips for looking after your carpet on top of steam carpet cleaning.

Vacuum often. In a room where it will be subject to lots of traffic, vacuuming daily is a good option. In rooms that are less well-travelled, once or twice a week is sufficient. Vacuuming removes surface dirt and grime that, without attention, can slowly become ground into the carpet, meaning you will likely need to use steam carpet cleaning more often.

Although steam carpet cleaning gives your carpet a thorough clean and helps improve its lifespan, keeping you carpet free from soiling in the first place is an even more effective option. Leaving shoes by the front door is a great way of keeping dirt out of your carpet. On the other hand, walking around in your bare feet is not as carpet-friendly as you might think, as oils on your skin get passed on to carpet fibres and attract dirt.

Changing the layout of your room frequently preserves the quality of your carpet, as you create different paths for people to walk on and relieve areas of the carpet that were subjected to heavy traffic. By regularly rearranging furniture, you ensure that no area of the carpet is overly exposed, plus it gives the room a fresh new feel. It also means that after steam carpet cleaning, your carpet will still be a uniform colour, without faded or heavily-stained patches.

No matter how much you look after it, your carpet will need steam carpet cleaning to remove dirt from deep within it. Steam carpet cleaning is the only carpet cleaner that gives a “deep clean”. It does not leave detergent in the carpet fibres either, which can actually damage your carpet over time. Using steam carpet cleaning once or twice a year can help increase its longevity.

Things to do before steam cleaning

Steam cleaning is the most effective method of carpet cleaning. It gives your carpet a ”deep clean”, reaching right into the depths of the pile and removing soiling, mites and odours. A steam cleaner will do a lot of the hard work of carpet cleaning for you, but there are a few things you can do before you start that will make it easier for you and improve the overall result of your steam clean.

The most important thing to remember before carpet cleaning with a steam cleaner is to vacuum the carpets thoroughly. Vacuuming before you start carpet cleaning will remove a lot of dust, dirt and other light surface soiling, leaving the hot water and detergent sprayed by the steam cleaner to work on heavier soiling and penetrate deep into the carpet pile.

Remove all furniture from the room before you begin carpet cleaning. Although it may be easier to leave it where it is and clean around it, steam cleaning tends to be so effective that the carpet comes out lighter after the process. Areas under furniture may stand out as dark patches of dirtier carpet. It is much better to remove your furniture before carpet cleaning so you can steam clean the whole room. If some of your furniture would be too heavy or complicated to remove from the room, have someone help you move furniture around as you steam clean so you can reach all areas of the carpet.

Any areas of heavy staining can be loosened and prepared with the application of detergent before beginning the carpet cleaning process. Apply the solution and scrub thoroughly with a brush. After loosening the stains, the steam cleaner will have a much easier job of getting rid of all soiling from the carpet.

By preparing your carpet before you start steam cleaning, you can improve the effectiveness of the carpet cleaning process and enhance the quality of the end result. Some small preparation before you start carpet cleaning can have a great effect on the outcome.

How often should I steam clean my carpet?

Your carpet gets subjected to a lot in its lifetime. Steam carpet cleaning is the most effective way to remove dirt from your carpet and return it to as close to the original purchase state as possible. Keeping it clean is important for your health and wellbeing, as well as for its appearance.

Regular cleaning not only keeps up the appearance of the carpet, it also increases its longevity. Although regular vacuuming is essential for the care of your carpet, it alone is not sufficient to keep your carpet as clean as possible. Steam Carpet Cleaning is the best way to return your carpet to its prime condition.

When it comes to steam carpet cleaning, at the very least, you should aim to clean your carpet once every 18 months. This is the bare minimum and the manufacturers of most carpets recommend using steam carpet cleaning once a year.

How often you need your carpet cleaned will depend on the type and amount of traffic it is subject to. If you have pets, live in a house with smokers, or the carpet is in a room where lots of pairs of dirty shoes will be walking on it frequently, you should think about steam carpet cleaning much more often. Six months, or as often as every month, may be required depending on the kind of wear and dirt your carpet is subjected to.

Remember that steam carpet cleaning is not just for the sake of appearance. Your carpet can contain invisible dirt, mites and odours. Steam carpet cleaning will remove these problems and leave you with a much healthier environment. Even if your carpet does not look like it is in need of steam carpet cleaning, you should still do it once a year for health reasons.

By steam carpet cleaning your carpet regularly – be it yearly or monthly – you will help keep your carpet looking great, free from health hazards, and in top condition.

Steam Cleaning vs. Dry Cleaning

When it comes to carpet cleaning, you want a method that is not only effective, but efficient and easy to use. There are two classes of carpet cleaning: “dry cleaning” and “wet cleaning”.

Dry cleaning is a carpet cleaning process that involves using a dry cleaning compound that is highly absorbent, containing only small amounts of liquid, such as solvent and detergent. This compound is sprinkled onto the carpet. In cases where heavier duty carpet cleaning is required, a machine can be employed to work the powder deep into the carpet. The cleaner then attracts and absorbs stains and dirt, and is then vacuumed up, leaving the carpet clean.

Because little liquid is used in the carpet cleaning process, there is no need to allow drying time for your carpet. Because of this, dry cleaning is a common maintenance cleaner that can be used often.

Steam cleaning is a carpet cleaning process involving the use of highly pressurised hot water and steam to loosen soiling, odours and mites from carpets and remove them by vacuuming up the hot water using a special vacuum cleaner. Steam cleaning is also known as “Hot Water Extraction”. Steam cleaning is the only method of carpet cleaning classed as “deep cleaning”, as it is the only one capable of removing stains and dirt from deep within the carpet pile. The steam clean process leaves carpets damp, although in most atmospheres drying time is as short as a few minutes.

Because the carpet cleaning agent used by steam cleaning processes is diluted in the water itself, it is removed from the carpets along with the dirty water by the vacuum. As a form of carpet cleaning, this gives a steam clean the advantage over dry carpet cleaning methods, which often leave excess detergent powder on or in carpets, which can reappear in the air later on and become a health hazard.

What is Steam Cleaning?

Steam Cleaning is a form of deep cleaning, which uses hot water and steam to remove dirt. Whilst intended for use on carpets, steam cleaning is actually a process that can be used on jewellery, bathroom tiles and brick surfaces. There are many different types of steam cleaning appliance, which range in size and power depending on the level of clean required.

Steam cleaning combines hot water with some form of cleaning agent, which is then forced through high-pressure jets, penetrating deep into the carpet. The cleaning agent in the water works to dislodge the dirt. Steam cleaners also have a vacuum section behind the water nozzles, which sucks up the dirty water and cleaning agent. Steam cleaners leave carpets damp, but in most atmospheres they will dry in a matter of minutes.

Steam cleaning is the most effective way of cleaning carpets, as it extracts dirt, mites and odours that have penetrated deep into the carpet. Vacuuming can only remove surface dirt from carpets, which means that dirt which gets ground into the carpet over time is not removed, no matter how thorough you may be. Steam cleaning reaches all areas of the carpet for a complete clean. Steam cleaning also removes mites and odours, therefore eliminating possible health hazards.

Steam cleaning appliances come in a range of sizes and powers depending on the purpose. Small domestic steam cleaners can be purchased at reasonable cost, although they will not have the same cleaning power as larger steam cleaning appliances. Bigger, more powerful units can be rented for more intense clean if your carpet is highly soiled, or for lighter carpets where soiling shows up more easily.

As well as keeping carpets clean, steam cleaning also helps to keep carpets in good condition, improving their longevity. Contact us to arrange an appointment for your home now.