The great British love affair with carpets began in the 1960’s, when affordable carpets became available to all and cleaning methods became readily available. They have been in use in the United Kingdom since as early as 1720, when a company called Wilton started producing a low loop pile known as the ‘Brussels Weave’, which was later developed to become the ‘Wilton Weave’, and copied by other factories around the country. A gentleman named Thomas Whitty opened a factory in Axminster, Devon and started to make hand knotted carpets. He was also the first to employ mechanical production thus enabling the UK to start exporting to other countries and the famous Axminster carpet was born.

The Twentieth Century
During the early 1900s, the American’s developed a ‘tufted carpet’, but it was not until the 1940s that this method was discovered to be a suitable way of producing broadloom carpets. From then onwards carpet production became more and more sophisticated, however it was not until 1940 that this new method was used to produce broadloom carpets. By the 1950s, progress in the development of yarns, dyeing and machinery soon led to mass production of durable carpets, which were able to be sold at an affordable price, especially as man-made fibres were now available. By the 1960s, most newly built houses in the United Kingdom came with fitted carpets as part of the purchase package and commercial premises produced a need for large areas to be covered quickly, which resulted in the first carpet tiles being made. At the same time fitted carpets becoming a household must, although back then cleaning and caring for carpets was nowhere near as simple as it is nowadays. However this led to many stain removing tricks being discovered at that time.

Maintenance and Care
It is recommended that all types of floor coverings should be vacuumed at least once a week, perhaps more often if you have pets in the house or heavily used areas. A deep steam clean should be done as and when necessary. There are many different types of vacuum cleaners available and you will definitely get what you pay for. A cheaper vacuum cleaner will not have the same suction power as the more expensive ones and if there are young children or pets in the house, then a powerful cleaner is important.
Be sure when you are purchasing your new carpet that you buy the best quality you can afford, as the lifespan will be considerably increased and lastly, be sure to employ a professional carpet fitter whenever possible, most carpet stores can provide one, as the finish will really justify the extra cost. Naturally a good deep clean once a year is essential and with modern day machines and companies that come in and do all the work for you, this is an easy task and will ensure that your carpets and upholstery stay in pristine condition. Occasionally an accident can happen which will damage your carpet beyond repair, so you should ensure that your household insurance covers carpets, preferably new for old. However, what about those daily ‘nuisance’ stains that can occur. There are many remedies to be had, most of which are to be found in the home.