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Spring cleaning tips

Spring has arrived, and now that the darkness of winter has left us, you want your house to feel as fresh as the new season. As one of the largest surface areas in your home, your carpets will need a lot of attention. So will other areas of your home and as great as it is for carpets, steam cleaning cannot sort out the rest of your cleaning for you, so here are some spring cleaning tips to help you get your home clean and tidy.

Focus on one room at a time. If you try to do bits and pieces in each room at the same time, you are probably going to end up with more mess than you started with. Dust, tidy and sort out one room before going onto the next. Once the house is spotless you can vacuum through and begin steam cleaning the carpets.

Washing your curtains can make a world of difference. It is easy to forget about them, but if you are going to be steam cleaning your carpet, you do not want the resulting cleanliness to make your curtains look dirty. They might be machine-washable; if not, see if your carpet cleaner can tend to them too.

Give your windows a good clean using special cleaning fluid, or some washing-up liquid and warm water. After washing your curtains and steam cleaning your carpets, you will not have dirt and grime built up anywhere else in your house, so dirty windows will really stand out.

Steam cleaning is an essential part of your spring cleaning routine. If you are going to get the rest of your home in top condition, why not your carpets as well? Steam cleaning is the most effective and health-friendly way to make your carpets look clean and new again. Waiting until the warm spring weather before steam cleaning your carpets means that they will dry much quicker.

Following these spring cleaning tips will reawaken your home, leaving you free to enjoy the new season.

Breeze Aren’t Just Carpet Cleaners

Despite being called Breeze Carpet Cleaners, we provide a wide variety of steam cleaning services for other surfaces too. We created our own unique nine stage steam cleaning programme which proved to be so successful for carpets, that we developed it further so that it could be applied to other furnishings too.

At Breeze we offer the best steam carpet cleaning service in the UK, but we also provide our customers with upholstery cleaning, rug cleaning, mattress cleaning and curtain cleaning. These other furnishings found in most need just as much care and attention as your carpets. Why not save time, effort, and money by asking us to clean them all on the one visit.

When getting your carpets steam cleaned it is important that the rest of your home is clean too, otherwise your carpets will become dirtier quicker. Your curtains and upholstery are just two furnishings which attract a lot of dust, dirt, hair, and other pollutants. Just as with carpets, these contaminants can become trapped between the fibres.

By applying our steam cleaning technique to these furnishings, we can help provide you and your family with a much cleaner and healthier living environment for longer. Getting upholstery, rugs and curtains cleaned is important for just about every home, but even more so for those with pets and children.

Curtain Cleaning

We have developed our own way of cleaning curtains which doesn’t even involve you having to take them down or rehang them.

Mattress Cleaning

If the thought of bugs and bacteria in your mattress is enough to prevent you getting a good night’s sleep, contact us to put it right.

Rug Cleaning

Vintage rugs are often full of multi-coloured dyes and delicate fabrics, leaving them open to a whole host of problems. Our experienced technicians are well experienced at dealing with such items and will ensure your rugs are left in excellent condition.

Upholstery Cleaning

We use a specialised hand tool to clean your leather and fabric sofas which prevents the solutions from penetrating too deep inside the furniture, but leaves an excellent finish.

Prepare Your Home For Sale With Professional Steam Cleaning Services

The housing market is a tough place to be right now due to the tough financial climate so you want to ensure that you are not putting off any potential buyers. Before you put your home on the market it is so important that you have all those DIY jobs done that you have been meaning to do for months. Giving the place a spring clean is essential, but if you really want to impress you should consider hiring a professional steam cleaning company.

Steam cleaning is the preferred method of cleaning within the industry and can be applied to a number of furnishings inside the home, including carpets, curtains, upholstery and rugs. Steam cleaning is the only way to ensure that your home is thoroughly clean.

Although vacuuming, polishing and other general cleaning duties are important, particularly before a viewing, a professional steam clean can completely reinvigorate your entire home, making it more appealing to buyers.

First impressions count more than anything you say to a buyer so it doesn’t matter how close your home is to the excellent local schools, or whether the neighbours are friendly. If your home does not look clean and inviting, you will immediately be persuading buyers to walk straight back out of the door.

Professional steam cleaning is an excellent way to give your home that all-important lift. The way the hot water extraction machinery removes all the bacteria, dirt, spills and other particles from between the fibres of the material leaves behind a clean and fresh look.

Carpets are a particularly important feature when selling your home because it is the one furnishing that usually stays behind. Tired, worn and dull carpets will only remind the buyer that the carpets will need replacing – an added expense that many can’t afford on top of moving.

By having your carpets steam cleaned when you’re preparing your home for sales, you can completely revitalise them and potentially have them looking as good as new!



Don’t Forget To Clean Your Curtains This Christmas!

Curtains are able to completely transform the ambience of a room in our home and provide it with its own unique identity. They come in all sorts of styles, designs, patterns and colours, and can be matched to our interior décor, completing the room’s finish. We often opt for new curtains when they start getting a little untidy or dirty, but this can be a waste of money as for half the price you could get the curtains professionally steam cleaned.

It’s no surprise that curtains get as dirty as they do as they act as one of the main barriers, along with the window, between the outside dirt and dust and the inside of our homes. This is not the only use of course, curtains are also used to prevent sunlight entering the room and for privacy. After time it can only be expected that the curtains will become dusty, dirty, covered in mucky fingerprints and so on.

Rather than opting to replace expensive curtains each time they get a little shabby, you could choose to have them professionally cleaned by a steam cleaner. This would mean that you can benefit from having clean and fresh curtains at less than half the price of replacements. Professional curtain cleaning also means that you don’t have to worry about taking the curtains down or trying to wash them yourself.

Breeze Carpet Cleaners always clean curtains on site, we don’t even take them from where they are hanging! Our professional technicians are able to come into your home and treat your curtains, leaving behind the best possible finish without you having to do a thing. The technique used is based on the steam carpet cleaning method but adapted to suit curtains, so you can rest assured that you will receive a top quality end result.

Your curtains can set the tone of a room, so by allowing them to look old, tired and dirty will have the same effect on the entire room leaving behind a nasty impression to guests.

Breeze Recommend Cleaning Curtains & Carpets At The Same Time

Do you hang curtains or drapes in your windows? If so, think about the number of times a day you open and close them. My guess would be twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. So we’ve concluded that you notice them or move them on a regular basis, so how often do you consider cleaning them? If you are anything like the rest of the population your curtains probably see a wash once a year, if that.

As your curtains hang in the window they are subject to fading by the sun, and once the colour has gone, there is no going back. In addition all sorts of dust, hair and other dirt can build up in the curtains, then this disperses around your home.

You probably spend a decent amount of time cleaning the house each week, perhaps even hiring a professional cleaning company to steam clean your carpets or work on your fabrics. All this time and money has gone to waste if you have forgotten curtain cleaning.

Cleaning curtain can be difficult and awkward job, especially if you are attempting it alone, and if not done properly it can cause all sorts of chaos. Most people find it preferable to hire a cleaning company to professionally clean curtains. Breeze Carpet Cleaners are a leading carpet cleaning business in London, but we also specialise in sofa and upholstery cleaning, curtain cleaning and rug cleaning too.

We use a technique known as steam cleaning for our carpets and simply transfer the procedure – with a little adaption – to other furnishings. We find that this gets the best results possible. If you are looking for curtain cleaning, we would recommend getting your carpets steam cleaned too to ensure that dirt doesn’t pass from one to the other.

Before hiring a curtain cleaner, take a look at the quality of your curtains, particularly if they are quite old. Sometimes the back of the curtains crumbles away, and if this has happened you need to replace your curtains rather than simply clean them.

Whether you decide to take the plunge and attempt to clean your curtains yourself, or you contact us to do it, what’s most important is that your curtains are cleaned on a regular basis. This will prevent a build up of dust, dirt and allergens, and provide you with a much healthier and cleaner home.

Breeze Carpet Cleaners Clean Curtains Too!

What do you open and close every day but always look behind? That’s right – your curtains. Everyone knows Breeze Carpet Cleaners for our top of the range steam carpet cleaning services. Did you know that the same cleaning method can be applied to your curtains too? Many homeowners like to keep the home feeling fresh and clean by dusting, vacuuming, washing and so on, but extensive thorough professional cleanings are becoming a rare occurrence.

When you considering your housekeeping it is important that you don’t forget your curtains as these collect a lot more dirt than you might expect. What’s even more shocking is that the more you open up your windows to freshen the place up, get some air circulating, the dirtier your curtain will become. Although if you rarely open your windows don’t think you’re immune to dusty curtains, this can be just as bad, particularly if there is a smoker in the home.

Your curtains hang in your windows day in, day out, and rarely receive the cleaning treatment they require. Think about the last time you washed your curtains – probably quite a long time ago. For your home to be truly clean and to prevent having to replace your curtains, you need to clean your curtains on a regular basis.

This job is usually avoided due to how awkward and difficult it can be to take down curtains and clean them. The main problem with home cleaning is that you don’t know how to or where to clean them! Most curtains cannot be machine washed, but it’s impossible to clean them in a sink, which leads most people to the bath. What you clean your curtains with will depend on what they are made from, so if you do decide on home cleaning, check all the labels first.

To save any of this hassle, and the possibility of ruining your curtains by using the wrong products, why not contact Breeze? We can professional steam clean your curtains without having to remove them! Even if you were to ask your local dry cleaner to do the job, it would still be your responsibility to take down and re-hang the curtains. Breeze can use the same fantastic steam cleaning method we use on carpet to achieve stunning results for curtain cleaning. Professional steam cleaning is able to remove all the dust, allergens, bacteria and other germs from your curtains, leaving behind a much healthier and cleaner environment.

Breeze Carpet Cleaners Are Expanding To Kent!

Breeze Carpet Cleaners are expanding their services to Kent! As Breeze Carpet Cleaners have rapidly become the number one carpet cleaning company in London, we thought it was high time that the people of Kent could enjoy the same experiences as their London neighbours. Our years of experience in the industry and use of the latest technology allows us to provide our clients with the highest quality finish available. Too many carpet cleaning companies get away with a poor level of service, outrageous costs and inadequate cleaning results.

What can Breeze Carpet Cleaners offer to customers in Kent?

Kent Carpet Cleaning

Our team of professional carpet cleaning technicians are equipped with the best machinery available as this ensure that your carpets are always thoroughly cleaned, leaving them fresher and healthier. This equipment is also able to offer much shorter drying times as the extraction machines are so much more powerful at extracting water. All of our solutions are environmentally friendly and base our cleaning on manufacturers recommendations.  If you’re ever unhappy with our work, just let us know as we will be more than happy to come back and clean the area again.

Kent Rug Cleaning

Rugs are made of a huge number of different dyes and materials and so it is essential that your rug is cleaned using a dedicated service using tried and tested treatments. Our highly skilled cleaners will try and restore your rug to its original appearance, and if not as close to it as humanly possible!

Kent Upholstery Cleaning

Breeze Carpet Cleaners are able to clean the majority of leathers and fabrics, whilst removing stains and replenishing colours. Using a similar process to our carpet cleaning method, upholstery cleaning uses a specialised hand tool which reduces the drying times and prevents re-soiling.

Kent Curtain Cleaning

We understand how time consuming it is to take down and re-hang curtains for cleaning which is exactly why we clean them in their present position.

Breeze Offer a Great Affordable Service in Kent

We are committed to providing professional carpet cleaning at affordable prices which is why we provide the lowest rates in Kent! Our price promise guarantee will ensure that you never pay anything over what we quote or advertise, so you will always know exactly how much your cleaning will cost. For superior carpet cleaning in Kent, contact Breeze Carpet Cleaners today!

Use a professional cleaning company to clean your curtains

Regular curtain cleaning should happen in every home because we spend hours and hours cleaning every other aspect of our homes to maintain a desirable living environment.  However, we often purchase new curtains rather than cleaning our old ones. Curtains are extremely overlooked as we often forget how important they are: they provide us with privacy, protect us from harmful UV rays, and keep us warm.  So, how can you protect your curtains for longer?

If you often have open windows, this will allow the dirt from outside to ruin your curtains more than if they were closed. However, dust and dirt can still come through cracks in the windows or the seals but this will only be minor.

The most common way for people to clean curtains in a domestic setting is to wash them on a delicate cycle in the washing machine. Although this is effective and practical, doing this too often can damage the fabric of the curtain.  It is a good idea to vacuum your curtains once a week whilst you are vacuuming the rest of your house – but make sure it’s on a low setting.

If you are able to purchase or hire a portable steam cleaner, this is also an option. Be sure to check the label of your curtains first to ensure that it is acceptable to use a steam cleaner on the fabric.

The best option when cleaning curtains is to use a professional curtain cleaning company.  This will save you time and effort.  Breeze Carpet Cleaners are also experts in other areas of cleaning and will be able to offer you very reasonable cleaning rates in London and the surrounding counties.

A few tips for cleaning your curtains and blinds

Curtain cleaning is one of the worst household chores, and it is something that very few people actually do on a regular basis, but it’s not that bad. Here are a few tips to make things easier when cleaning different curtains.

For standard curtains the best option is to just take them down and put them in the washing machine on a delicate wash cycle. Most types of curtain and curtain fabrics will wash well on a delicate cycle, but drapes are a completely different story. If you have drapes, it is strongly recommended that you seek advice from a professional curtain cleaning company or hire a commercial cleaner to do the job for you. It is important that you clean your windows whilst your curtains are being washed; otherwise, it kind of defeats the purpose.

If someone smokes inside your house, it is advised that you wash and clean your curtains at least 4 times a year. The nicotine in cigarettes can have a negative impact on the curtain fabric and can leave them smelling of smoke even after a wash. To try and combat this, use a gentle fabric softener in your wash.

If you have curtains hanging in your kitchen window, they are bound to hang right above the sink, and are subject to many water stains. For bad stains, soak the curtains in a fabric cleaning treatment, and then wash in the machine.

Blinds are particularly difficult to clean, especially venetian blinds. There is a product designed to clean venetians but this only removes some of the dust. If you want clean blinds, you’re going to have to take them down. Fill a bathtub with hot water and then soak the blinds. Once clean, try and hang them over your shower rail if possible, as this will avoid twisting your blinds.