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Removing Common Stubborn Carpet Stains

It doesn’t matter how careful you are when handling food and drink, at some point in time a spill will occur. The key thing to remember when dealing with spills on carpets is that time is of the essence; the more quickly you clean up a spill, the less likely it is to result in a stubborn stain that you just can’t shift.

Most everyday food and drink spills can be cleaned up successfully by blotting the area with a solution of warm water and washing-up liquid, but there are a couple of substances that really do require professional intervention. Read on to find out more.

Red wine

Red wine is a nightmare to shift once it soaks down into your carpet. If you had a stain protector product applied to your carpet the last time it was deep-cleaned, you have more chance of simply blotting up the spill with paper towel and warm water. However, once the wine gets down into the carpet fibres, the only way to get rid of it is to have your carpet professionally cleaned.

The two most frequently suggested DIY methods of removing red wine stains are to use white wine or vinegar. In short; don’t! Neither of these methods work and you could just end up damaging your carpet.


In the event that human or animal blood ends up on your carpets, don’t use hot water to try to clean it up. Hot water causes the haemoglobin in the red blood cells to ‘set’ and fixes the stain into the carpet fibres.

As with all spills, act as quickly as you can. Use a clean, dry, colourfast towel to blot the stain. Don’t rub the mark or you’ll cause it to spread; just allow the towel to soak up as much of the blood as possible. Soak the stain with cold water, and then blot it up as best you can.

In order to get the stain out completely, call a professional carpet cleaning company to do the job for you. They will also treat your carpet with bactericide and deodorisers to make sure that it’s left hygienic and fresh as well as clean.

In conclusion

In the event of a spill, act quickly to blot up as much of the substance as possible using paper towel or clean, colourfast towels. Don’t be tempted to use proprietary supermarket stain removers; they don’t work very well and can even damage your carpets. Instead, call out a good firm of professional carpet cleaners to do the job for you. Remember to ask them to treat your carpets with a stain protector product, just in case of future accidents!

Leave Tough Stains To The Professionals

Some things are just destined to be, and it seems that new clean light-coloured carpets are just waiting for someone to spill something all over them. Whilst it can be incredibly tempting to start meddling with the spills in order to protect or save your beloved carpets, you could actually be making the situation worse.

Try to think of it a bit like a crime scene, the more people mess with the scene, the harder it is for the detectives to solve the case. Perhaps a rather imaginative comparison, but the idea is the same. The more you try to clear up the stain yourself, the more damage you could be doing to your carpets in the long run.

If you have a new spill or even an old stain that you are only just getting around to removing, it is always best to contact the professionals. There are many things that can go wrong with trying to remove stains and spills yourself, from listening to old wives tales, to buying supermarket stain removal products.

Firstly, old wives’ tales are just that, tales, not fact. Whilst some of these stories may work in removing a stain temporarily, they could also cause just as much damage. For example, the idea of removing red wine by soaking it with white wine, all well and good, but this only removes the colour of the stain, not the wine itself. Has anyone considered how they will remove the fluids from their carpets afterwards?

Secondly, stain removal products found lining supermarket shelves sell like hot cakes, and they do work. However, the consequences of these products can be quite severe as they are made with very strong chemicals, which can strip your carpet of any strength and colour.

If you want to successfully remove stains and spills from your carpet, the best thing to do is contact a professional carpet cleaning company. Our technicians have the knowledge and experience to remove stains whilst ensuring your carpet is left in the same condition.

Ask Breeze To Treat Stains

Carpet cleaning is something we all have to have done on a regular basis to ensure that our carpets are kept in tip top condition for as long as possible. Steam carpet cleaning is able to thoroughly clean carpets, removing all the debris and allergens from the very base of the carpet and those trapped between the fibres. This sort of cleaning should be done at least once a year, but possibly more depending on the level of traffic in your home.

Kids and pets are just a couple of ways that things end up spilt on your carpet; candle wax, chewing gum, fizzy drinks, chocolate, mud, and all sorts of other contaminants are bound to end up in your carpets. Your regular steam cleaning treatment is not enough to deal with these stains as if left for too long they will become stubborn and even harder to remove.

If there is a spill on your carpet, the best thing you can do is contact us as soon as possible so we can send out a technician to treat the problem as soon as possible. Many people are tempted by supermarket stain removal products but it is important that you do not apply these as they could harm your carpet and make it tougher for us to treat the stain.

There are many household stain removal techniques on the internet and old wives tales such as using white wine to clean up red wine, but again these have no guarantee of success and can make the stain harder to remove.

When you contact Breeze we will provide instruction on how to deal with the spill or stain, in many cases we will tell you how to clear it up, but sometimes it will be necessary for us to attend to apply a stain removal technique.

If you have a new or expensive carpet that you would like to protect from nasty spills, have you considered asking Breeze to apply Scotchguard protection? This adds a protective layer to the carpet fibres, allowing enough time to treat the spill before it soaks in to leave a stain.  Scotchguard is best added to your carpets after a regular carpet cleaning treatment, for more information contact Breeze Carpet Cleaners.

Don’t Feel Embarrassed By Your Tired Carpets

Do you ever feel embarrassed when a guest in your home notices a stain or dirt mark on your carpets, curtains, rugs or upholstery? It doesn’t make a difference whether the carpet is only a couple of months old, or is as old as the house, dirt or stains can have a huge impact on the atmosphere of a room. Stain removal services are offered by Breeze Carpet Cleaners; in fact we pride ourselves on being able to remove stains more effectively than any other professional carpet cleaning company. All we ask is that you don’t touch the stain and you contact us as soon as possible.

We offer services for a huge number of stains including red wine, rust, melted wax, dried paint, oil, chewing gum and ink. However, if you don’t have any stains or marks on your carpets, we’re sure that you can still take advantage of what we have to offer. We are able to repair, renew and breathe a new life into your tired carpets. If you’re carpets are lifeless, steam cleaning can completely restore them, perhaps saving you needing to consider replacement for another few years.

By lifting bad odours, dirt, allergens, oils, stains and other pollutants from your carpets, a good steam cleaning can really penetrate the pile and leave them looking fresh. The same cleaning method can be applied to rugs, and upholstery too. If you are hiring us for carpet cleaning and stain removal, why not see if we can do the rest and leave your entire home feeling fresh and clean.

Contact Breeze Carpet Cleaners for professional carpet steam cleaning today. We are the number one choice in London and surrounding areas, so give us a call for affordable carpet cleaning rates.

Blood On Your Carpet? Down Tools And Call In The Professionals

If you have children, you will be well aware of the number of times that they come running into the house from the garden, having fallen over and cut their hands or grazed their knees. All they’re looking for is a shoulder to cry on, and someone to bandage them up with plaster displaying the latest cartoon character. You might not give this a second thought until one of them comes running through your newly cream carpeted hallway, with blood and tears dripping down them. Whilst the injury might be nothing to serious to worry about, the after effects to your carpet could be terminal.

Even if you live in a quiet household or flat without children, accidents can happen just as easily to adults. Even the most careful and cautious person still bleeds when they catch their finger chopping the veg, or nicking a leg whilst shaving – whatever the original cause the consequence is still the same.

Most people panic as soon as blood is spotted onto carpet or upholstery, but rest assured, it can be cleaned if you act in time. Once everyone is safe and sound, wounds bandaged and tears wiped away, act quickly and contact Breeze Carpet Cleaners. As specialists in stain removal, a few spots of blood on carpet, upholstery or other furnishings is no problem as long as it hasn’t been messed with. We are experts at removing any stain from carpets and have a better success record when no one else has touched the stain. Acting quickly and contacting us as soon as possible could save your carpet.

If you have a new carpet, or perhaps even an older but treasured one, we know just how tempting it is to try and remove the spill or stain yourself. The majority of people panic and start scrubbing at it with all sorts of household products in an attempt to clean up the stain. However, trust us, the more you try to remove the stain yourself, the harder you are going to make it for the professionals.

For an effective stain removal service for your carpets or upholstery, contact Breeze Carpet Cleaners – the experts at stain removal in London.

How to remove vomit stains from your carpet

Any pet owner will be well aware of the struggles you go through to keep your carpet clean, whether it is pet dander, fur, fleas, dirt or vomit, there is always something to battle against. Every homeowner should have a number of commercial cleaning products in the house which you have previously tested on a small area of your carpet. Knowing that your cleaning product is safe for your carpet will allow you to clean any spills or accident as soon as possible.

One particularly difficult battle in keeping carpets clean is the vomit of pets. If you do not immediately remove the vomit, its acidic nature can affect the colour of the fibres in your carpet, leaving it permanently discoloured. Some items which you should keep stocked up in the event of a pet vomiting are: cardboard, sponge, cloth, baking soda, club soda, paper towels, and you’re previously tested carpet cleaner.

The first step is to remove the vomit from the carpet using the cardboard. Tear the cardboard into two pieces, place each piece on opposite sides of the vomit, bring the halves together and scoop up as much of the vomit and liquid as possible. Throw away the used cardboard.

Next, wet the area with warm water using a sponge or a cloth. Pour baking soda onto the wet vomit stain and leave it until completely dry, then vacuum up the baking soda. Add another coat of baking soda and leave for around 30 minutes before vacuuming up again. Now pour club soda onto the affected area and blot with a paper towel. Once you have followed all of these steps, choose the carpet cleaner which you know is safe to use on your carpet, and follow the instructions.

Once you have thoroughly cleaned the area, you should have prevented any staining from the vomit. If there is still staining, repeat the process again. If there is still a stain, you should consider contacting a professional carpet cleaning company who can help you get your carpet back to full health.