Although it’s a good idea to have your carpets professionally deep-cleaned every six months, there are steps you can take in between cleans to care for and maintain your floor coverings. Use the following tips to keep your carpets looking great, to protect the carpet fibres from wear and tear, and to make your carpets last longer.

Vacuum your carpets regularly

Regular vacuuming keeps your carpets looking tidy and gets rid of damaging dust and grit that might be hiding deep within the carpet fibres. If you live alone, a weekly vacuuming session is sufficient, but if you have a family and pets, it’s recommended that you vacuum twice a week.

Use door mats

A really simple way of keeping your carpets clean is to invest in a few good quality door mats that can be placed inside and outside all the external doors to your property.

Take prompt action to deal with spills

Time is of the essence when it comes to dealing with spills. Use paper towel or clean, colourfast towels to blot up spills before the substance has a chance to soak into the carpet pile.

Never rub at stains to try to remove them; you’ll just end up spreading the mark further.

Use a blunt knife to lift up candle wax

Although tea lights and scented candles add a lovely, cosy ambience to a room, drips of candle wax can cause havoc with your carpets. Don’t resort to scrubbing and scraping at the wax. Slide a blunt knife underneath the wax and lift away as much as possible.

Use the correct stain removal product

It may be possible to remove small spots and stains by using a stain removal product. However, always use a general purpose stain remover supplied by a professional carpet cleaning firm, not one that you can buy in a supermarket. Supermarket stain removers don’t generally work very well and can actually cause damage to your carpets.

It’s recommended that you contact a professional carpet cleaning firm for advice before you attempt to tackle stains yourself.

Don’t use rental carpet cleaning machines

Although it may seem cheaper to clean your carpets yourself using a hired machine, this is usually a false economy. Underpowered rental machines tend to leave your carpets excessively wet. This can lead to very slow drying times and damp, mouldy carpets. A professional cleaning firm will use powerful, high-quality cleaning machines ensuring that your carpets are completely dry within a couple of hours of cleaning.

N.B. Woollen carpets can be prone to shrinkage and DIY cleaning should therefore not be attempted.

Have your carpets cleaned regularly by a professional cleaning firm

It’s well-worth having your carpets cleaned professionally twice every year in order to extend their life and ultimately save you money. Professional deep-cleaning leaves your carpets looking much cleaner, leaves them smelling fresher, and removes potentially harmful allergens that could affect your family’s health.

When you have your carpets cleaned, always ask the carpet cleaning company to apply a stain protector following cleaning. This will make stains much easier to remove, and also helps to prevent soil and grit from working its way down into the carpet fibres where they can cause permanent damage. Stain protector treatment is particularly recommended for high traffic areas in the home, such as the hall, stairs and landing.

In conclusion

Keep your carpets clean and in great condition by following the above tips. Always consult a professional carpet cleaning company for advice on stain removal and to find out more above stain protector treatments.