We’ve talked about the need to protect your investments many times, and how steam carpet cleaning can do  that. We are not taking any of that away, by regularly vacuuming and having your carpets professionally cleaned, you are prolonging their lifespan, and ensuring that they look brighter and fresher for longer. However, stain protection is a different matter, and this is where the benefit to our Scotchguard application comes into effect.

The idea behind Scotchguard protection is to protect your carpet from stains and a build up of dirt and grime. By asking your Breeze cleaning technician to apply additional Scotchguard protection at the time of cleaning, you can help eliminate stains and protect even further against re-soiling. Scotchguard is able to surround the carpet fibres and provide a shield against dirt and soils, meaning that it is far easier to vacuum up. We are able to apply this protection to rugs and upholstery as well as your carpets, meaning that all your furnishings are equally protected.

If you’re unsure of how our Scotchguard application could benefit you, let’s take a very common spillage example. Everyone seems to spill red wine on the new cream carpet, if you do not have Scotchguard protection that liquid will absorb into the fibres and more often than not leave a permanent stain. Whereas, if your carpet had received the Scotchguard protection from one of Breeze’s cleaning agents, the liquid would bead up, providing you will enough time to clean the spill before a stain is formed.

This same repellent applies for any sort of liquid, and homeowners have expressed how useful this is in homes with pets. All pet owners will be well aware of the struggle to keep carpets clean with a young puppy or kitten- urine, faeces and vomit are regular occurrences, but Scotchguard can help prevent these stains too.

In addition to helping prevent stains, applying Scotchguard to your carpets can help strengthen your carpets and delay any wear patterns forming in your carpet. By walking on the same paths of carpet, you are causing damage to the fibres, but this can be prevented with Scotchguard protection.

When you protect your carpets with Scotchguard, as well as ensuring your carpets receive regular steam carpet cleaning, your carpets will be able to stay looking new and fresh for longer. Carpets are expensive investments, and so it is important that you delay having to replace them for as long as possible. Contact Breeze Carpet Cleaners today to see how we can protect your carpets.