Your carpet gets subjected to a lot in its lifetime. Steam carpet cleaning is the most effective way to remove dirt from your carpet and return it to as close to the original purchase state as possible. Keeping it clean is important for your health and wellbeing, as well as for its appearance.

Regular cleaning not only keeps up the appearance of the carpet, it also increases its longevity. Although regular vacuuming is essential for the care of your carpet, it alone is not sufficient to keep your carpet as clean as possible. Steam Carpet Cleaning is the best way to return your carpet to its prime condition.

When it comes to steam carpet cleaning, at the very least, you should aim to clean your carpet once every 18 months. This is the bare minimum and the manufacturers of most carpets recommend using steam carpet cleaning once a year.

How often you need your carpet cleaned will depend on the type and amount of traffic it is subject to. If you have pets, live in a house with smokers, or the carpet is in a room where lots of pairs of dirty shoes will be walking on it frequently, you should think about steam carpet cleaning much more often. Six months, or as often as every month, may be required depending on the kind of wear and dirt your carpet is subjected to.

Remember that steam carpet cleaning is not just for the sake of appearance. Your carpet can contain invisible dirt, mites and odours. Steam carpet cleaning will remove these problems and leave you with a much healthier environment. Even if your carpet does not look like it is in need of steam carpet cleaning, you should still do it once a year for health reasons.

By steam carpet cleaning your carpet regularly – be it yearly or monthly – you will help keep your carpet looking great, free from health hazards, and in top condition.