Although a much better result can be achieved through having your carpets cleaned professionally, it is possible to remove some stains yourself. However, DIY carpet cleaning can be fraught with danger. Here are some of the common carpet cleaning mistakes you’ll want to avoid.

Leaving it too late

Always deal with any spills as quickly as possible. If you leave stains too long before taking action, they can soak into the carpet fibres and dry, effectively setting the stain and making removal tricky.

Using supermarket-bought stain removal products

The stain removal products that you can buy over-the-counter in supermarkets should be avoided at all costs. They don’t work, and they can actually cause colour-bleed and damage to the carpet fibres.

If you want to have a safe and effective general stain removal product to hand just in case, always obtain one from a professional carpet cleaning company.

Not testing the carpet before attempting stain removal

You should always test any home-made stain remover on an inconspicuous area of the carpet. This ensures that, if any problems arise, the damage is hidden. If you have new carpets fitted, it’s worth keeping a few off-cuts for testing purpose if required in the future.

Rubbing at a stain

When a stain simply won’t shift, it can be tempting to rub at it. However, all this will achieve is to spread the stain and could potentially make it much worse. In addition, rubbing can cause damage to the carpet fibres, leaving the carpet looking scuffed.

Rather than rubbing, always blot stains away using a paper towel or a clean colourfast towel.

Cleaning your carpets using a cheap rental machine

Although you might think that you could save yourself some money by renting a carpet cleaning machine and doing the job yourself, this is false economy. Rental machines are usually underpowered, meaning that they don’t clean the carpets as deeply and effectively as a better-quality machine. Their lack of suction power also means that the carpets stay wet for much longer, potentially leading to shrinkage and the formation of mould.

In conclusion

Simple, everyday stain removal can be attempted with reasonable success, but don’t make the mistakes outlined above. Always consult a good carpet cleaning company for more advice and guidance on how to deal with stubborn stains, and have your carpets professionally cleaned twice a year.